Mental health crisis

My research and what I going to map is about mental health crisis. The part that I going to indicate on the map will be the Bronx NY. The reason I chose this issue is because in New York there are many people who are dealing with mental health crisis and they do not have the adequate help to deal with this situation. I will focus on the Bronx area because it is the place where I live and every day, I see people destroyed because of mental problems and ended up in drugs. In this street I see different types of people with this problem women, men, youth boys and girls looking for solution of their problems in wrong places. This shows me that the health department no matter how much they say they are not doing is not enough for this people. Unfortunately, many of these people are going to other types of help. Drugs and alcohol make this problem worse. These people need more medical attention, places where they can be to treat their problems, supporting not only from their family also helps from professionals who are treating their situation. NY needs more professionals staff to identify the people who need help with crisis Mental health on time. There are many people who have mental problems but because they do not have the right medical attention these types of problems are some of the reasons why this country pass through for serious situations.

3 thoughts on “Mental health crisis

  1. Marleny Garcia de Vargas

    Really interesting topic. I would like to encourage you to send a letter to any political person as the city advocate Mr. Williams to take action or motivate the governments to take action in this situation, because the city, I think, has the resources to improve mental health.

  2. Jeremiah Sontag

    This research topic is great. You can get much information from researching and can develop this topic into a debate. Great location in the Bronx and my only concern is you say the mental health problems are affecting people but what specific problems? You have Alzheimer’s, you have anxiety. Just be specific when explaining the mental disorders and overall good topic to discuss and write about.

  3. Fatumata Baro

    This research question is interesting. I would like to encourage you to find more information to debate the topic. I also agree with you the people who have a mental problems need to a medical to solve their problems and the government need to action for those people instead of leaving them with drugs that will impact them for their whole life. I think to do have the solution to improve this situation.

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