Yarisleidy Fana: Research topic

My research essay will be focused on birth control and it’s availability over the last 10 years. This topic intrigues me because you do not see enough resources where women could go to in order to get any kind of birth control. I have noticed that there are not many places to go to  besides Planned Parenthood which Donald Trump is trying to get rid of. Teen pregnancy is rising and there are a large number of teenagers visiting these clinics. One of the questions that I have is what is the age range of the people who go and get birth control? How does every form of birth control work? As well as if the Bronx has the lowest number of clinics available that offer birth control? I have seen a lot of cases where women could not get it because their insurance would not cover it and they would have to settle for just condoms or keeping an unwanted pregnancy. Some people’s bodies reject Birth control which makes it impossible for them to have it in their bodies for too long. While doing my research I would like to know why birth control is so expensive? Also, if it is actually safe and healthy for your body. In my map I would like to include all the clinics that are available in the Bronx to provide you with any form of birth control that you desire and I will include the race/ethnicities that visit the clinics the most specifically for that. 

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  1. Nicole Stacey Burgos Valverde

    It seems to me a topic with too much importance. Every year the percent of teenage girls with unwanted pregnancies increases surprisingly. Something I would like to know is, why is this? Lack of sexual orientation on the part of parents and schools? Not knowing the complications about having children at an early age? I think the biggest factor is the lack of sexual orientation, since for some parents it seems inappropriate to give their children guidance on unwanted pregnancies and the consequences that this brings. The confidence that a daughter has towards a mother should reach a point that tells her when she begins to have sex, by the time this happens the mother takes control of the situation and can take the necessary steps with the help of gynecologists to determine the Birth control needed. Or if the teenager is mature enough to know what she has to do.

  2. Cheyenne Shambley

    Your topic is very much important and that is coming from a teen mother. The percentage of teen pregnancies is a rising factor. This topic is very debatable because many people have different feelings about being on it. I think that there is a lack of sex education and that teen girls want to follow what they see others doing or even get caught up in a situation that can affect them forever. Birth control is available for everyone to have access to even if it is just a clinic. When you go to your primary doctor you can get more information about what forms of birth control they have and what will work for your body. The parents of these teens can also suggest they get on it so that they can prevent their teens from having children at a young age. Not all parents know that their kids are out having sex so that’s one argument in this case. The schools provide condoms for their students as well. There are plenty of ways to go about birth control. Your topic is great and you’re on the right track but plan parenthood offers free things in this case so that the patient won’t feel a financial burden.

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