315D M/W 11-12:15pm

Week Date Reading Due Writing Topics Assignments Due
1 8/28 Icebreakers

Syllabus review

Syllabus scavenger hunt

2 9/2 No Class
9/4   Campus Scavenger Hunt completed during class
9/5 They Say, I Say Ch. 1 “They Say: Starting with What Others Are Saying” pgs 19-30 Active Reading and Annotations; “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop Campus Scavenger Hunt Assignment
3 9/9 They Say, I Say Introduction and Chapter 1 pgs 1-31 Getting Started with the Course Blog and Google Docs (Reserved COW)

Collaborative Annotating Activity

Starting with what They Say Activities

9/11 In Class Essay 1: Close Reading
4 9/16 “The Next Environmental Revolution” from Welcome to Your World Introduction pgs 1-19 (Readings Page of Course site)

Image of the City Video (Readings Page of Course site)

Contributions to Welcome to Your World Study Guide Google Doc (Study Guides Page of Course Site)
9/18 They Say, I Say Ch. 2; pgs 30-42 Summarizing
5 9/23 Nonstop Metropolis Map 21: Public/ Private pgs 171-178

They Say, I Say Ch. 3; pgs 43-52

How to find and use quotations

The Sandwich Technique for Quotations

53-66They Say, I Say Ch. 4 “Yes/ No/ Okay/ But: Three Ways to Respond” pgs 53-66
Responding to others’ ideas

In Class Peer Review

Essay 2: Summary and Evaluation Draft
6 9/31 No Class
10/2 Nonstop Metropolis Map 10: City of Women pgs 85-90 Accessing and Creating a Site on the Academic Commons

Methods and modes of argumentation

7 10/7 No Class
10/8 No Class Essay 2: Summary and Evaluation Due on Blackboard
8 10/14 No Class
10/16 Nonstop Metropolis Map 17: Trash in the City pgs 142-146

They Say, I Say Ch. 5 and 6  pgs 67-90

MEAL plan for body paragraphs

Practice Making Arguments

9 10/21 Essay 3: In Class Midterm-Making an Argument
10/22 Choosing a Research Topic
10 10/28 How to do Research: Library Day Essay 4: Digital Essay Research Proposal
10/30 Peer Review of Research Topics
11 11/4 Creating a Working Thesis to Generate Research Terms
11/6 They Say, I Say Ch. 7 and 8 pgs 77-116 Organizing and Integrating Research
12 11/11 They Say, I Say Ch. 7 pgs 91-100

Nonstop Metropolis Map 12: City of Walkers pgs 94-101

Writing Effective Summaries for Citations
11/13 Nonstop Metropolis, Map 20: Brooklyn Villages, pgs 165-170

They Say, I Say Ch. 8: pgs 101-116

Making Connections Essay 4: Annotated Bibliography Due
13 11/18  

Nonstop Metropolis, Map 18: Mysterious Land of Shaolin pgs 147-157

They Say, I Say Ch. 10 pgs 131-140

Practicing Metacommentary
11/20 Draft Meetings with Me Essay 4: Digital Essay Written Copy Draft Due
14 11/25   Draft Meetings with Me (Reserved COW)

Nonstop Metropolis Map 15: Burning Down and Rising Up: The Bronx in the 1970’s pgs 119-131

They Say, I Say Ch. 11 pgs 141-160

Writing Effective Conclusions
15 12/2 Technical Issues and Digital Essays Peer Review (Reserved COW)
12/4 Final Exam Preparation Essay 4: Digital Essays Due
16 12/9 Final Exam Preparation
12/11 Final Exam Preparation