Research Proposal

What I’m mapping about is how the amount of single mothers keep raising during time in the Bronx. Being a single mother is not as easy as it looks, especially when there’s no instructions or manual to follow. Single women are more common in 2019, and the sources for them to know how to continue are not good enough for every different type of women. In the other hand as a single mother there is not enough sources of help for us to keep going as we have a regular life, which include working the amount of hours necessary to maintain a stable economy, or being able to become a professional without forcing herself to much. In this research I want to show how powerful women can be without having the help we wish to have. However, I also want to map how the help of single mothers have not improved as much we need to increase so we could make the life of a single mother a little easier. I also want to find out what are the people or what we could call “supportive group” doing to help them out, including how the government is improving the help for single women. Me as a single mother wants to feel that even that I’m alone but also have the help of my mother to take care of my baby, that other single mothers have more sources to get the necessary help so they could give a better future for their kids.

2 thoughts on “Research Proposal

  1. CHARLOTTE Komguem

    That research is like my life. A single woman is definite as a person who lack to sleep. although a wonderful mother who cares about her children at day and night. Even if they let their kids at the daycare, while they struggle to raise the family. They are thinking about the kids, their medical appointment, their homework and their future. But be a mother despite of our social class is a wonderful gift. Because you cannot speak with the materials as tv, chairs. Only humans you can discuss and laugh when you came back at home. Even it is not easy work, but my happiness is from my kids.

  2. sonia valencia

    My research Proposal is based on event that happen in my community and happen too often. Police Brutality and abuse of Power. New York City has had many stories and videos showing how the NYPD has abused their authority. Young teens are at risk to be placed in a life threatening situation due to these violent acts. This paper will show some examples on what our community endures.

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