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Abortion Rates: Why Abortion Rates Are So Low in NYC Even Though They Are Legal and Accessible.

Destiny L. Mayo

Professor Michael 

ENG 110- 216B

December 10th, 2019

Abortion clinics are medical facilities that provide abortion services. For years, anti abortion groups have fought to get these clinics closed down. Thankfully, NYC has remained one of the abortion capitals of America, making abortion accessible. Although abortion is legal and these medical resources are accessible to women, abortion rates in NYC surprisingly remain low compared to states like Alabama, who struggle to keep abortion legal.

Being as though abortion is legal in NYC, one must wonder why the abortion rates have dropped to its lowest ever. According to “US Abortion Rate is at its Lowest, But Restrictiv e Laws Aren’t the Likely Cause”, it states says that “the 13.5 abortions per 1,000 women ages 15-44 is the lowest since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide in 1973”. This means that abortion rates have dropped drastically from the years 1973 to now, in 2019. One idea for this decrease in abortion rates is the fact that pregnancy rates have decreased. The article states “The study notes that fertility rates declined in almost all states from 2014 to 2017, and it is unlikely that the decline in abortion was due to an increase in unintended births.” This shows that abortion rates have decreased due to the decrease in fertility rates and not due to a decrease of women having less unintended pregnancies. Another article titled “Some US women are taking reproductive matters into their own hands: They’re ordering abortion pills by mail”  proposes the idea that not all abortions aren’t always done at clinics, causing the abortion rates to appear lower than they actually are. The article states “In Aid Access’ first year of operation, 21,000 U.S. women reached out to the online organization launched in March 2018 that offers abortion pills internationally. Requests came from all over the country”. This shows that a huge portion of women in the US are taking a more private approach with abortion by ordering pills online instead of obtaining abortion pills from its primary source, the abortion clinic.

Aside from having legal abortion, abortion clinics are also very accessible in NYC. The article “Abortion in New York” written by Pat Anow states, “Seventy percent of those are performed in the city, where there are 34 major clinics.” This shows that many abortions are done in NYC because of its easy accessibility to multiple abortion clinics around the city. The article goes on to state “Unlike most other places, “there is hospital-based abortion and family planning, that students gain access to as they go through medical training. In most of the rest of the country, that clinical care is not provided in hospitals where students receive most of their training.” ( This shows that even the doctors themselves have accessibility to abortion. This also shows that the medical field is supportive of abortion rights and try to offer its accessibility to whoever, whenever they can, including to those learning about it unlike other countries who are bias and abortion rates in NYC still are continuing to decrease.

Unlike the US, abortion in Alabama remains illegal. According to the article “Everything you need to know about the abortion ban news” written by Marisa Lati and Deanna Paul states, “Alabama’s bill explicitly states that women are exempt from criminal and civil liability. Instead, the law targets doctors, who can be prosecuted for performing an abortion, a felony punishable by up to 99 years imprisonment.” This means that though women in Alabama will not be prosecuted for abortion, the doctor who performs the practice will get up to 99 years of imprisonment, unlike NYC where doctors are encouraged and trained to perform this practice. The authors go on to say “New York City is likely to remain one of the easiest places in the country to have an abortion. Much of this may be a reflection of the prevailing attitudes here, as demonstrated in the positions of public officials (and candidates).” The article explains how NYC has remained one of the few places to have easy accessibility to abortion, and future public officials determine whether or not things will remain this way. Included in the article is a video clip that further explains the new law in Alabama, banning abortion. It also goes more into depth about how public officials aren’t the only reason for the change in laws. There’s a lot of advocated in Alabama supporting the new law. This is causing women to spend their money traveling to states like NYC, where abortion is legal.

Nevertheless, those who are anti abortion might argue that having an abortion is the equivalent of murdering a child, and women who get this practice done deserve to be penalized. Though many others and I may argue that women deserve the right to abortion and should never be penalized or imprisoned for doing so. Factors such as rape and women growing ill due to a pregnancy, should always be taken into consideration. My map shows how abortions are offered all over NYC, making it way more accessible. I myself have had many family members who have gotten abortions for various reasons. I have always believed that all women should have the right to abortion, due to them being the one who has to carry the child. No women should feel forced to birth a child whom she feels she is not ready to raise. Abortion should be made legal world wide.


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Gentrification in the Bronx

Image result for gentrification in the bronx map 2019"

Gentrification and Displacement in the Bronx: Bronx Housing Crisis.

In this new era gentrification have been a struggle for people that live in the Bronx and within the community of New York City. Although gentrification is marketed as a positive means of neighborhood improvements, there are disadvantages that are attached to the upgrade. The impediment of gentrification is the displacement of the original residents which leads to a housing crisis. Many people agree that gentrification is good for the neighborhood whereas others disagree that gentrification will cause the cultural collapse of the Bronx. This essay will focus on the effects that gentrification has on the current housing catastrophe in the Bronx, and how the process can be done without the ethnic cleansing of the existing inhabitants.

Gentrification is the process of repairing and rebuilding homes and businesses in a deteriorating area. Through gentrification there are improvements that can be beneficial for people that move into newly revitalized neighborhoods. Peoples perspective regarding gentrification varies depending on their economic standing. We are made to believe that gentrification can contribute to new options for food, retail, outlets and opportunities for more jobs in the community.  According to a Ted Talks seminar conducted by Stacy Sutton, she mentions positive key factors which implies that ” gentrification can improve housing through the use of public and private sectors and attracts businesses.” This is showing that the process of gentrification can point to positive influences for people that are considering it to be a movement of greater change for residents. The community will receive new storefronts, plus, thanks to gentrification new buildings begin to pop up all over the neighborhood. Also, there will be product offerings to create potential for more revenue in new areas. People will experience cleaner neighborhoods and improvement of public safety services. Overall, gentrification can be helpful for people in dilapidated neighborhoods and communities.

Despite the positive attributes of gentrification it is not without its disadvantages. The most notable of said drawbacks is housing, particularly affordable housing.  Finding economical feasible housing has been the main issue for people that live in the Bronx. According to the effects of gentrification on affordable housing it states ” gentrifying neighborhoods, consist of areas that had low-income from 1990 to 2014, and experienced rent growth above the median sub-borough area rent growth between the 24 years. This means that gentrification impacted neighborhoods for so many years and it precipitated low income residents in the community. This can be related to most people that are struggling in keeping up with not being poor. ” Bronx neighborhoods that were at the highest risk were the ones from Port Morris to Norwood while areas on the borough’s eastern and western edges–Riverdale, for example–were considered more secure.” This clearly means Port Morris and Norwood was the most to get hit with gentrification making it harder for people to live in good circumstances in that area.  The bad thing is that gentrification will keep evolving and will be hard for people to keep searching houses based on their income. Overall, gentrification has had a big impact on people that are low income which means that they are in greater risk of facing house displacement in targeted neighborhoods.

Gentrification can be done humanely and responsibly through protections. At this moment, there is a housing crisis in the Bronx stemming from urban revitalization that is causing a decrease in housing affordability and mass homelessness. In order to alleviate this situation, the following protective policies need to be put in place: constructing more affordable housing that’s income specific, revitalizing existing structure for low-income residents, rental limitation caps and regulations, and modest residential real estate opportunities. There needs to be a change in this system before it gets reaches to a point that people have to face displacements and affecting the way they used to live before. According to National Low Income Housing Coalition, it states “ baseline protections for the most vulnerable residents, producing and preserving affordable homes, non-market-based approaches to housing and community development, and approaches to community participation.”  This is proving that protections are needed for residents that struggle economically with special attention to housing security. There utilized resources source that relates to the protections needed during the gentrification process. A significant source is, a community land trust. The Mott Haven-Port Morris Community Land Stewards, establishes, acquires, and holds in perpetuity real property to ensure that community members preserve a stake in a neighborhood profoundly impacted by decades of environmental injustice and economic neglect and to promote pathways to meaningful self-determination.” This is showing that through this protective policy the south Bronx is making sure that residents live in good conditions as well as improving economic growth in the community. Substantially, having protective securities will definitely maintain people in safety standards and for people not to deal with gentrification in in the environment.

In conclusion, gentrification caused destruction for peoples lives making more complicated especially for those that live in residents for so long. Those who are able to remain in place will have to decide if they want to, and those who are unable to retain their locations will have to choose the next step. Throughout my experience living in the Bronx, I have seen areas and houses that look clean and nice but those are private houses which are expensive to purchase. I have lived in a basement apartment for several years with my family and we started to noticed that the rent was increasing. We decided to move out from the basement to another one due to the increase of rent my family couldn’t pay off. Other people came to rent the house so my parents and I had no other choice but to move out and to search for houses in the Bronx. Now that I live in an apartment the rent is not has bad compared to my living experience in the apartment basement. The neighborhood I’m in now Morrison Sound view is crazy because people are complaining about the rise of rent and the increase of displacements because of the place being gentrified. The neighborhood that I live in there is mostly Latinos and black people. The area is poor resulting that if gentrification do occur around the district people will definitely suffer consequences like moving out and their culture will get erased permanently. I know that is going to be difficult to face these issues because it will continue to keep going and is up for to corporations to make a change during times of housing crisis. I find gentrification really messed up because is ruining our lives and for people that just been new to the community. It will be better if gentrification did not occur making less it complicated for the ones that work with low income wages.  The most people that gets these problems are mostly people in color. The way I’m seeing things people don’t deserve this kind of suffrage mainly people that are owners and are living in the community for so many years. The crazy thing is that real estate don’t care about people they just keep control on peoples money and the benefits people receive. 

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1. What we don’t understand about gentrification | Stacey Sutton | TEDxNewYork


Image result for gentrification effects pics"

This image is indicating about the effects of gentrification and the risks people can face through this complicated movement. There are many effects that can impact on people referring to this picture the main one is displacement because people have to move out and the money they wasted for the house is all lost due to gentrification.





My map is based on the garbage that can be seen in the ocean, landfills, and recycling plants and the amount of pollution all around New York City. Usually people throw their trash in trash cans and do not really think about where it is going or what happens to it as sanitation workers remove the garbage from the trash cans and it gets hauled off to either recycling plants, landfills or some of it like plastic ends up in the ocean and marine wildlife mistake it for food and even get tangled in it causing some loss in marine life or  gets washed up at the beach causing it to be covered in trash. When I was young I always believed that our garbage ended up in a recycling plant and never thought of or knew what a landfill is for such a long time until I learned about what it is. I thought that it was not good for the environment until I learned that the point of landfills is to isolate waste from its surrounding environment, preventing water contamination and stop contact with the air, which was not true, while the garbage decomposes in the landfill. But there are also dangers in placing garbage into landfills which affects the air and water by polluting it which causes a lot of problems for our health. People used to think that the trash they threw out mostly went to recycling plants and landfills but recently for a while it was discovered that it was found in streets, in the beach, in the oceans and was even buried in landfills that resulted in causing the pollution of air and water which, in turn causes various respiratory diseases and other dangerous health effects as dangerous contaminants from it causes it to be absorbed into the lungs and different parts of the body. This is caused by our decision to throw our stuff to the floor, spit on the floor without cleaning any of it up even when they are confronted to do so and even ignore when asked to clean up their mess. Recycling Garbage is a necessary part of life as it causes less pollution and saves up the used material to be reused again for the future and helps the economy greatly while cleaning up the rest of the trash that is left everywhere. According to What are the benefits of Recycling? “ Scrap cars, old bottles, junk mail and used rubber tires are becoming common features of our landfills. All of these may seem endless, but the resources required to make them are finishing off quickly. Recycling allows all of these junk items to be used over and over again so that new resources do not have to be exploited. It conserves natural resources such as water, minerals, coal, oil, gas and timber”(Rinkesh, other words, What are the benefits of Recycling are stating that recycling allows for less waste and saving more needed resources to better the planet and that they are able to lessen the amount of garbage by reusing the material. I agree with them and the reason why is that on certain products they will have a label with all the information about it and sometimes say that the product uses reused material and some trash is being cleaned up in New York. But although they made a claim that most of the recycled garbage is reused this is not the case as not all are actually recycled as some of the material is degraded from the amount every time the item is recycled and is being wasted which causes more unused material to be wasted. But what is true is that it gives more job opportunities to those that need it and more money to the workers. According to What are the benefits of Recycling “ While you may feel that recycling is each person for himself, in reality it is a huge industry within itself. After you do the basic sorting out and deposit your trash for recycling, it has to be sorted and shipped off to the right places…Certainly, one of the major benefits of recycling is that it creates more jobs in the community and provides stability to the entire process. Throwing the trash away creates some six to seven jobs at best, where recycling can help create close to thirty jobs”(Rinkesh, are right about the increased jobs in recycling plants as The U.S scrap industry generated over 150,000 direct jobs and over 323,000 indirect jobs in 2015, US recycling industry employed 1.25 million workers while the US solid waste management industry only hired 0.25 million workers, but my view, however, contrary to what they have argued, is that sometimes something will go wrong in the workplace and can lead to injuries and fines for it, it can cause workers to leave or quit and would not want to be hired at all and the business can start to lose money which in turn causes the businesses to close and become bankrupt. This can also affect the economy by causing less jobs in the recycling station and even less pay, this leads to worker stress and workplace problems and more job loss. The impacts of the Recycling Center and Landfills is that it can lead to health problems because of faulty equipment or from the pollution in the air which leads to people to complain about the environment and the measures that are not being put in place. This will start to get worse as we in the future will not be able to keep this in check and our planet will become inhabitable. According to Garbage Pollution, Causes, Effects and Solutions “Garbage pollution arises when the waste collected in dumping sites keeps rotting, spreading odor and cause air pollution in the surrounding areas…It is often seen that waste including inorganic material such as iron cans, paper, plastic, glass pieces, or leftover food, animal bones, vegetable peels etc. are dumped in the open”(Sujeet Kumar What makes Sujeet Kumar right in his claims is that the trash is piling up and it is making it difficult for people to lead normal lives as pollution has more of an effect on us causing us to develop more problems in life.  According to Garbage Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions “In our country, the cities are getting reduced to dumping grounds of waste. Garbage is present everywhere in some form or the other whether there is a village or a city, a temple or a mosque. This problem has been increasing since the last nearly three decades, leading to health issues and degradation of the environment. Today we are victims of many types of waste including domestic, agricultural and industrial waste…The rest either accumulates in the fields or in the streets and in the end, during the rainy season; it reaches the oceans through rivers”(Sujeet Kumar )Although others may say that with the Recycling plants and Landfills, the planet is much more cleaner and safer due to less strain from pollution and reusing of materials to save leftover unused material. However this is not the case as this map below shows the areas where the waste is most common at.

Image result for (


This picture I took a while ago shows how much as humans, we use our resources very quickly and make a mess of things. This was taken near my High School and it was actually cleaned up just over a month and a half ago as a month and three weeks ago it was actually worse.

To summarize, these are the reasons how waste  in the ocean, landfills, and Recycling plants cause lots of pollution all around New York and the fact that some of our health problems come from waste pollution.


Childhood Obesity

Diana Marfo

Krystyna Michael

English 110-210B

10 December 2019

Childhood Obesity

Some might say that everyone is dying to be thin. I’m not sure how true that popular saying is because I always observe some level of obesity during my daily outings. The most troubling of my observation is when I see obese children. This is particularly concerning being that ailment in childhood can be carried into adulthood if it is not taken care of. Some illnesses linked to childhood obesity are type 11 diabetes, cardiac issues, respiratory issues, cholesterol and death due to coronary failure. These sicknesses in obese children stem from junk food, poor quality of foods and excessive eating. Childhood obesity is a problematic in low income areas affordability of quality   food. Although junk food is less expensive and people can afford it, it is not good to consume. Therefore, the price of healthy food should be reduced so that low- income people can have access to healthier food choices.

According to the National Center for health statistics the number of obese children ranges from ages 6-19 have tripled to 16% over twelve years. The article also points out that one in six children suffers obesity, which has impacted on child physical and emotional health and children who are overweight have greater tendency to become obese throughout their adulthood. According to the research there are many ways a child can be obese example poor diet, lack of physical activities, stress, marketing, lunch options at school and boredom are all factors contributing to childhood obesity. Some might say that the Bronx is the most extensive area in the United States. However, it is not the only place with children that are obese.

Although the city is having a lot of bodegas and fast food restaurants all over the place people are still not thinking about their health but focusing on unhealthy foods. The map reflects on how in every one supermarket there are six bodegas around.

Also, it shows how obesity in general happens in low income areas.  Also, this map is helpful because being obese leads to health problem and increase the chance of being diagnose with diabetes and it also proves that fast food is the main factor of obesity Additionally it shows how it is easier to buy fast food than prepare it. In my research what I found out was that this also contributes to childhood obesity, the presence of supermarkets and convenience stores like bodegas has a higher rate of contribution to childhood obesity which also leads to diabetes. The objects in this is to determine the awareness of food access through bodegas. That is to say that some people think is the easiest and convenient way for people to purchase food and have access to affordable and unhealthy foods products.








Physician- A person who is legally qualified, Obesity – the condition of being overweight

Bariatric- relating to treatments of obesity. This article ranges from 2004- 2019. As the time period becomes more presents. The articles show how childhood obesity rate has increase drastically and how more children are having to deal with Adult like illness i.e. type 2 diabetes and heart problems early on in life. This article provides ways and solutions into the world of how doctors, parents and schools can do to help not only decrease the rate but prevent it as well.






Lorna E. Thorpe, Deborah G. List, Terry Marx, Linda May, Steven DHelgeson, Thomas R. Frieden “Childhood Obesity in New York City Elementary School Students” American Journal of Public Health, vol. 94, no. 9, 2004, pp. 1496–1500.


Alonso grocery store 20019, University Avenue Bronx. Web. Nov. 10, 2019. Castillo grocery store is one of the busiest and recognizable stores in my neighborhood that primarily sells food, they offer nonperishable foods that are packaged in bottles and boxes, which increase awareness of food access. In other words, it is easy and convenient for people to purchase food and having access to affordable and nutritious foods, which also contributes to the prevention of obesity.



Web. Nov 9, 2019

Condition of being overweight Bariatric- relating to treatments of obesity

This article ranges from 2004- 2019. As the time period becomes more presents. The articles show how childhood obesity rate has increase drastically and how more children are having to deal with Adult like illness i.e. type 2 diabetes and heart problems early on in life. This article provides ways and solutions into the world of how doctors, parents and schools can do to help not only decrease the rate but prevent it as well.

Castillo Supermarket (local bodega) is one of the busiest and recognizable stores in my neighborhood that primarily also sells food products which has a variety of food, beverages and household product which are organized into section and shelves and also household cleaners. In other words, all this store sells foods product that contributes to childhood obesity because some of the parents are so busy with their work so they don’t have time to cook for their kids and all they provide for their children is fast food and the kids get use to junk food.

Terry Mara MD, Lorna E. Thorpe, Linda May and Thomas R. The prognosis of obesity in Department of

Health and Mental hygiene web April 27, 2004.


Web Network Times Vole 158 Aug 16 2009.  The American journal of public” say kids are fat” In other words poor diet in children has contributed too poorer eating of fruits and vegetables and have a higher intake of saturated fats. That is to say kids don’t focused on healthy foods rather likes eating unhealthy products, but how to prevent obese in children is parents needs to prepare nutritious and healthy food, improve dietary intake, and to reduce television which can also control overweight in children. According to the article obesity has a higher rate in Hispanic children usually in boys. That is to say that mostly obese kids are mainly associated with Spanish children.

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research eng 110


Social Media


My map is showing the location of the Bronx. I choose a map of the Bronx because people use their phones to be on social media. People do not care if they are in a specific place such as an office, school, street, etc to use social media. They do not pay attention to what is around them because they just think that social media is everything. I chose places like office, school or street because even when some people are working in an office they do not care if they are working they just check their phones to see what is going on on their social media. Some of them get in trouble for that. They think that they can hide what they are doing. But, they use their phones so much that they do know noticed when someone is watching them. Also, my map highlights accidents to demonstrate that people are having accidents because they do not pay attention to the lights when they are texting while they are driving. This map is a good option for people who overuse social media because they can see some of the big problems that people can have for overuse social media. Although social media is part of our lives, social media affects the reality of our lives, so the number of hours that we are on social media should be moderate.


Social media is part of our lives because we use social media all the time and we want to share everything that we do. However, we do not take the time to ponder that even though social media is part of our lives, social media has a negative effect on us. In her article, Elite Daily, Moose A maintains that “There’s no doubt that social media is a significant part of our daily lives, whether it’s someone uploading photos from his or her graduation or tweeting about an awesome new car, social media implicitly causes us to compare ourselves to others” (Moose). This demonstrates that even though we use social media as something that we need every day, social media can have a negative impact on us because the person who was comparing herself with others has self-confidence decrease. It is true that social media is part of our lives that’s why we use it constantly, but also we are always comparing ourselves with people that we see on social media because we think that they look better or they have something better than us and then we see ourselves less than them. Comparing ourselves with others is not going to help us to grow up mentally because then we are going to think that we are not capable of doing things as others, but also at the same time, we need to think that we are different and we should not compare ourselves with others. Comparing ourselves with others shows that we are not sure of who we are as a person.  


Social media is affecting the reality of our lives because almost everything on social media is not real, people use to lie or there is no real information. According to the article In the three months prior to the 2016 US presidential election, false news stories about the two candidates have shared a total of 37.6 million times on Facebook.” (Are social networking sites good for our society 2) This shows that social media has a lot of false information and it is affecting us because when we see any information on social media we use to believe it, and we share the same false information. Some people think that social media is enough for them that’s why they prefer to know about what is going on through social media, but they do not think that what they see on social media can be fake news. They just prefer to know what is going on on social media than what is going on in their real lives, they do not think that social media messes with the perception of reality.   


We should control the hours that we spend on social media because it is how we are going to manner our time and the things that we do.

student girl does homework, she took her phone







This shows a girl sitting on a chair with her notebook next to her. This image gives me the idea that she is studying or doing her homework. However, she has a phone in her hands. She is using social media while she is doing her work. The image shows how the girl prefers being on social media than do what she is supposed to do. This image is related to this topic because the girl is not limiting herself to being on social media distracts her to do her job from school. She does pay attention to what she needs to do. Also, we can see the image of the girl in another way. Maybe her parents do not know that she is spending her time on social media when she is supposed to do school’ work. And, maybe the girl is using social media as something negative.  I add another image because it is also related to my topic.

This phrase means that we need to beware of what we are going to post on our social media because depends on what we post it will have a negative or positive effect. What we post on social media it will be reflected in our future because if we are on posting negative things all the time on social media is how other people are going to see us. We should all use social media for something productive. If we use social media for a good purpose we are going to see the difference because almost everybody shares the same thing over and over. How we demonstrate ourselves to others is how they are going to see us because as the phrase says social media affects our personal lives too. This means that sometimes social media influences our lives, so we need to be careful of what we do on social media because it is going to be reflected in ourselves as negative or positive actions.


In conclusion, overusing social media is not good for anyone because it will affect us in many ways. On the other hand, I agree with many people that social media is good because we all need social media to be connected with our family, share what we want or even express what we feel. But on the other hand, I still insist that we all should limit the hours that we use social media because social media is not everything. We do not depend on what is on social media. Therefore, my map is showing that the Bronx is one of the big parts of the world where people have their phones on their hands all the time to check any minute their social media. Even me, I use my phone all the time. I remember one time when I was about to get in trouble because of being on social media. I was working so I took out my phone and I went to the back to see who was texting me. But, the thing that I did not know was that one of the managers comes from the other side. He told me why I am using my phone? I told him I just want to see the time. Thank God he is a good manager and he believed me. After that, I never use my phone when I’M working because I do not want to lose my job or something. Also, I promised myself not to do it again because instead of being on my phone to check my social media I can use that time to learn something new about my job or help the customers who always need help. As something that I already had the experience, we all need to pay extra attention to how we are using our social media. We all should think it is something for our benefit or not. Overall, using social media excessively is not going to be productive for us.    





Diabetes: A Rising Epidemic in The Bronx

Lesly Mejia
ENG 110 216B
Professor Krystyna Michael
September 10, 2019


Growing up, I heard a lot about diabetes. Not only was I diagnosed with type one diabetes, but I also have many relatives who also have diabetes. When I was smaller I thought diabetes was an uncommon disease. But as the years have passed by, I now hear it constantly in the news, and I meet more people being diagnosed with diabetes as if it was a very common thing to have. Diabetes is a disease in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to control your glucose levels (blood sugar), this could either result because of genetics or it can be caused by one owns actions like having an unhealthy eating habit and being overweight. This disease has become very common now a days, which is very worrisome as well because this can be a very popular reason for deaths. Especially in the Bronx. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find someone who is diagnosed with diabetes. Why wouldn’t it be easy , when you can find a fast food restaurant at almost every block in the Bronx. Although there are many factors that may lead to the diagnosis of diabetes, fast food places is a reason why the rates of diabetes in the Bronx is rapidly increasing and should be limited.

Diabetes is a disease in which your pancreas does not develop enough insulin for your body. As a result, this causes for your glucose, blood sugar, to be higher than what it normally should be. Which is why people with diabetes must constantly keep track of their carbs, the amount of sugars in their food and the times they check their blood sugar and how much insulin they need to provide themselves with. Although genetics is one of the factors that can lead to the diagnosis of diabetes, there are many other factors that can cause diabetes and there are many versions of diabetes that one can be diagnosed with. Additionally, there are three types of diabetes that someone can be diagnosed with. According to the article, “What Are the Different Types of Diabetes?”, by Ann Pietrangelo, there’s type 1 diabetes, which “is believed to be an autoimmune condition. This means your immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys the beta cells in your pancreas that produce insulin. The damage is permanent.” There’s also type 2 diabetes, which “starts as insulin resistance. This means your body can’t use insulin efficiently. That stimulates your pancreas to produce more insulin until it can no longer keep up with demand. Insulin production decreases, which leads to high blood sugar.” And lastly there is gestational diabetes, which happens “due to insulin-blocking hormones produced during pregnancy. This type of diabetes occurs only during pregnancy.” There are also many causes of diabetes. In the article, “What Are the Causes of Diabetes?”by Vanessa Caceres, it states that the reason someone can have type 1 diabetes is because of their genetics but there can also be “an additional environmental factor may trigger an immune response that ultimately causes destruction of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas”. Vanessa Caceres also states that type 2 diabetes is caused by a complicated interaction of genes and the environment. Gestational diabetes develops only during pregnancy and can affect the babies health. According to the article, “What Are the Different Types of Diabetes?”, it states, “About 30.3 million people in the United States have diabetes. About 5 to 10 percent have type 1 diabetes, while 90 to 95 percent have type 2 diabetes.” With rates this high, this shows that diabetes is a disease that can be considered as an epidemic which makes us think that there must be factors that are almost inevitable , but what is the rate of diabetes in the Bronx alone?

The Bronx is a culturally diverse borough, which means there’s all types of races and all types of food that you can eat. In fact, there shouldn’t be a reason you can’t find a place to eat in the Bronx because there will always be a restaurant or at least a fast food place you can order from in each block. But this could also mean that the Bronx is prone to have a large amount of people who are overweight or are diagnosed with diabetes. According to the article, “Diabetes in the Bronx: epicenter of an epidemic”, by James Palmer, it states, “The Bronx and New York City are positioned at the perilous front of the country’s escalating diabetes epidemic. According to a recent survey published by the New York City Department of Health, one in every three people in the borough suffers from diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the number of Americans with the disease has climbed to 25.8 million — 8.3 percent of the population. That is still lower than the rate of the disease in the city at 10.5 percent”. It has been proven that The Bronx and New York City have been ranked to be one of the places in the country to have the highest rates of diabetes. But why does the Bronx have one of the highest rates of diabetes in the country? According to, “Diabetes in the Bronx: epicenter of an epidemic”, it states, “Diabetes is most prevalent among minority and low-income populations. To make matters worse, these people often have limited access to adequate health care. According to the city health department, diabetes is most prevalent among Hispanics and blacks, followed closely by Asians”. Additionally, according to the article “Five of The Worst Neighborhoods For Diabetes Are In The Bronx” written by Jennifer H. Cunningham From the Daily News, she explains that out of all the neighborhoods with the highest rate, Bronx has the most rates of death toll because of diabetes. Brownsville in Brooklyn is the highest with a death toll of 177 per 100,000 residents, followed by Mott Haven with 159 per 100,000. Next is East Tremont, with 134 deaths per 100,000, Highbridge with 131, Morisania with 130, and Hunts point with 117. This shows that diabetes is mostly popular among people who have low income, which is no surprise since the Bronx is considered to be one of the poorest boroughs of New York City and because of the poor income and not being able to afford having diabetes it ends up being a tragic death. Ultimately, this also shows that since the people in the Bronx have the lowest income in the city, they are also likely to buy food that is less expensive, which results in them buying cheaper unhealthy food, the fresh healthy food since it is in fact more costly to buy vegetables than it is to buy fast food.

If you live in New York, or more specifically in the Bronx, you know that the Bronx is filled with lots of culture and lots of diverse races and ethnicities. As a result of that there is a lot of diverse types of food you can order. There’s mexican restaurants, dominican restaurants, chinese restaurants, but there’s also the cheapest and the most popular of them all, fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Popeyes, Burger King and the list goes on. According to a video called “Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America” by a channel named Fault Lines, that in order for all these fast food restaurants to have all these foods available, they pay a large amount of farmers to grow a mass amounts of meat. At the same time portion sizes go up as well. This means that as a result of portion sizes going up, the amount of numbers of obesity and diabetes went up as well. Many people would say, “its their choice, they also have the choice to buy vegetables and eat healthy food as well”, but how is it possible in a borough that’s known to be the poorest of the whole city and on top of that the prices of healthy food in vegetables are very high. According to a data set of fruit and vegetable prices, provided by the “United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service”, the average retail price of fresh apples is $1.62 per pound, meanwhile you can get a large cup of soda at McDonald’s costs $1.00, or a large size fries for $1.00. The average price of fresh collard greens per pound is $2.63, meanwhile you can get 20 piece chicken nuggets for $4, which seems like a much better deal than paying $2.63 for one pound of collard greens which probably won’t suffice your hunger. Could you imagine paying about $20 get the ingredients you need to make a bowl of salad when you can simply get buttermilk crispy sandwich for $4.99. When you’re in an unstable financial state, you don’t have much choice of what to eat. The important thing is that you get to eat, no matter if it’s healthy or unhealthy. So of course, it’s not a surprise that the rates of diabetes are that high when corporations that make up the prices for vegetables and healthy food are putting them high, inevitably making the person have no choice but to buy what’s more affordable which is fast food.


* These data entires from the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service shows the average retail prices of apples and collard greens in varied forms.

The significance of my map is to show the neighborhoods in New York with the highest rates of diabetes and the neighborhoods with the lowest prevalence of New York. In my map the maps with the highest prevalence are mostly neighborhoods in the Bronx which is known to be the most poorest borough of New York. In the map, we can also see that the neighborhoods with the highest prevalence are mostly populated by hispanic and black people. The neighborhoods with the lowest prevalence are mostly in Manhattan are mainly populated by white and asain people. The topic of diabetes is something in which I connect to because I am actually diagnosed with diabetes, however I was genetically born with it, meaning I didn’t have a choice and I didn’t have the opportunity to try to avoid having diabetes. It is scary that diabetes has been a very common disease and it is also one of the main reasons of deaths. We do have ways in which we can have a much better lifestyle. But at the same time corporations seem to care more about how much money they make, rather than our health.






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obesity in New York City

Ariela Zorrilla
English 110
Professor Krystyna Michael
December 10, 2019

New York is a huge city in which we have many accessibilities: transportation, schools, playgrounds and stores that are near to us and that most of the time can be positive but also can be negative. This map represents every neighborhood of New York City in which fast food restaurants are everywhere and it just take minutes to reach any of them, people have easy accessibility to fast food restaurants and that is one reason why they can consume them more, having more probabilities of getting obesity and other diseases due to the massive consumption of unhealthy food.

                                                         Obesity in New York city

                 Obesity is a chronic disease that we can get if we do not have control of the quality and quantity of the food that we eat, it can be caused by different factors like genetic, behavioral and environmental. And it can cause many other illnesses such as: diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Something that we must worry about is the fact that obesity had a significant increase in our society specially in New York city and it is not just affecting adults but children as well. Michael R. Bloomberg, a recognized entrepreneur that has made different campaigns against obesity, mentioned in the video “ NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s war on obesity” that this illness is killing five thousand people per year which is something to worry about. It is not a secret that new York is a big city in which people are busy all the time and many of them might not press attention to what they eat and that could be one of the possible reasons why the rate of obesity has increased within the last years and also, It is important to say that many people constantly visit and consume fast food restaurants because it is easier for them to consume that kind of food rather than healthy aliments, that is why that I present as my thesis statement that although fast food restaurants is more affordable for people with low income, it is one of the main reason why the rate of obesity has increased causing other illnesses and showing that it will get worse in the future.

                 Junk food is more affordable for people with low income

There are thousands of fast food restaurants in New York city and it is very accessible for people to reach them because they are in every neighborhood, in every corner. Among the most famous fast food restaurants are McDonald’s, Popeyes, burger king, Kennedy Fried Chicken and many more to where people go every day and consume their food. One of the reasons why people go to those restaurants it is not just because they enjoy their food, but also because that kind of food is cheaper and more affordable than healthy food. It is not easy for people with low income to spend more money in expensive food when they can spend their money in food that is unhealthy but cheaper. “The problem of the consumption of junk food is due to the inaccessibility of unhealthy food” (Carrol, Fernstrom, NBC News), in this article the main idea is that it is more easier for people to buy food in fast food restaurant because they will spend less money which is something that conduce people to the consumption of unhealthy food. Another interesting article that evokes the same idea is “Eating Healthy Will Cost You $550 More Per Year, Study Reveals” by Carey Polls mentions that unhealthy food is about $1.50 cheaper per day, or about $550 per year, than healthy food which is something that completely proves why people can get obesity easier than before nowadays and that is why people tend to consume that kind of food. Also, it is important to say that the cost of the life in New York city is anything but very expensive and people is always worrying to pay all the bills: rent, electricity, cable, ways of transportation and many of them do not have a big budget to afford healthy food that are more expensive than the food they will find in fast food restaurants.

                The consumption of junk food is the main reason why obesity has increased causing more illnesses.

Some of the main aspects of junk food is that they are high processed, and they contain big numbers of calories, that highly contributes to a person to become obese. Since people visit fast food restaurants every day, they are consuming two to three hundred of calories per day in meals plus the calories that have in the soft drinks that they also consume, the more people consume the unhealthy food the more they can get obese and people find this kind of restaurants everywhere as we can see in the picture, they have more probabilities to visit them more often which is something that raises the rate of obesity in this city. The article Reversing the Obesity in New York city, An Action Plan for Reducing the Promotion and Accessibility of Unhealthy Food mentions that:
“We use the term unhealthy food to describe products high in sugar, fat, or sodium (salt) and with few other essential nutrients. This includes packaged convenience foods, fast foods, soft drinks, and sweet and salty snacks. These foods make it easy to eat many more calories than we need, causing weight gain”. ( City University of New York campaign against diabetes public health Association of New York City)
as they clearly explain consuming junk food which is a kind of unhealthy food can make a person get weight easily, as more people consume them very often, it is wise to say that eating junk food in New York city is the main reason why many people ( adults and children) are becoming obese nowadays, That is why people should have a control over the food that they eat, they should be more aware of the quantity and the quality that those aliments have because even though not everybody knows obesity as a chronic disease, it is a reality that it is very dangerous to our health that is why we should avoid eating unhealthy food because as a result of doing that we can get this dangerous disease, also, the article mentions that as a result if having obesity we can get other illnesses such as hypertension, cancer, heart disease and more.

                       Obesity Will Have a Massive increase in The Future

If people continue consuming fast food restaurants so frequently as they use to do nowadays, is inevitable that New York city will have a massive increase in obesity and other illnesses in the future, In the article Fat and Getting Fatter: U.S. Obesity Rates to Soar by 2030 by Sharon Begley mentions that “If Americans stick to their eating and exercise habits, future historians will look back on the early 21st century as a golden age of svelte” (Routers). The article clearly depicts how a big part of our society is already affected by obesity and a big part of them are children. There are 35.7 percent adults and 16.9 percent of children that registered this year that have obesity, also, there are 7.9 million new cases of diabetes each year showing that if people do not change their bad habits when they eat by 2030 more than 42 percent of society can be obese and reports indicate that most of the people that have obesity have allow income and people with low income use to live in neighborhoods with no playgrounds or places where they can exercise so that they could not fight this disease and the rate of deaths can also increase.


New York is a big city in which we can find fast food restaurants everywhere and it just take some minutes to get to them, as many people with low income do not have the same possibilities of affording healthy food as other people with a higher income, they seemed forced to consume these fast food restaurants that are everywhere in this city. As a result of the consumption of junk food, it is reasonable to say that it is the main reason why many people ( adults and children) are getting obese nowadays and that means that means that those people have more probabilities to get other dangerous illnesses that can kill them if they do not take care of their situation and go for help before it is too late. Also, a big part of the future generation seems to be jeopardized if people do not change their eating habits. Personally, I have gone to these kind of restaurants with my family and I honestly can say that many of the food that they have is very high in fat which is something that we need in our body but if we abuse of it we can have serious health problem, that is why people should be more concerned about obesity and the damage that they are causing to their body when they consume junk food. Nowadays, it is needed to educate people about nutrition and what kind of food we cannot eat to much in order to maintain our body and organs healthy and to have a longer life. We need to have a control over the things that we eat because in that way we can stay healthy and we can prevent that many diseases come to our body making a terrible damaged to ourselves. And the most important thing to remember is that if we are going to visit fast food restaurants we should not go very often because that kind of food is not healthy at all so it is important to control the situation in order to maintain a good health and prevent many illnesses, but more important to make sure that our future generations will also have the opportunity to be healthy.


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Autism is a Disability

To show how public school can be a beneficial pathway for children with autism disability in New York City.

Autism is defined as a developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. During the gestational stage our neurological systems are developing. Once we take our first breath our mental capacities continues to grow. Due to the increase of children with cognitive disabilities such as autism there is growing concerns as to how it will impact children into adulthood. During my research on autism, I found out that there are multiple factors that contribute to the disability, for instance: environmental, genetics, exposure to heavy metal (Neurotoxins), and metabolic imbalance just to name a few. The  map in my article points out to autism in NewYork city. In addition, I will be focusing mainly on the Bronx borough and how the public school system can be an additional and beneficial pathway to children with autism. Map that shows progress from toddler hood to adolescence (autism) the difference of rigorous treatment vs limited treatment struggle. Although there are studies done to show that their are some environmental causes that are susceptible to autism in NewYork City, governmental organizations such as the National Institute of Environmental Sciences (NIEHS) can do so much more, but fails to do so in helping and educating pregnant mothers. Ultimately,what is at stake here is people’s lives. Recent studies shed new light on autistic children and the theory that it is caused by exposure to environmental chemicals which previous studies have not addressed and the rates are increasing even higher yearly due to toxic exposure during pregnancy.

With a population of approximately 8.55 million people  living in NYC their needs to be legislation implemented in order to decrease and prevent further harm and exposure to people living in the environment. According to Philip J. Landrigan, Luca Lambetrini, and Linda S. Birnbaum “ A Research Strategy to Discover the Environmental Causes of autism and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities”, in reference to the Environmental Health Perspective, they indicate that “ Proof of the principle’ that early exposures can cause autism comes from studies linking ASD to medications taken in the first trimester of pregnancy ….. rubella infection.” All these medications that they are giving to both children and parents are considered environmental causation too. And to make matters worse, once a child is born they are given their first dose of vaccines within the first 24 hours of birth. The vaccines vitamin k and hepatitis B, are filled with neurotoxins that hinder cognitive development. http://(National Research Council 2000(, this hyperlink is linked to background information about Scientific Frontiers in Developmental toxicology and Risk Assessment. First off, researchers have found that there are some deadly chemicals that people are exploring which causes harm to thousands of children and endangers the lives of pregnant mothers which gradually breakdown and later affect stages in prenatal development. Then they further explained that these examinations are taken to better improve the health of parents also the child so that it doesn’t lead to other issues such as birth outcomes, childhood morbidity and even other health related illnesses like cardiovascular disease. However, there is so much more that can be done. I agree with the authors views that, “In addition, these disorders place enormous economic burdens on society,” because they have to further evaluate research which cost a lot, by sending and testing results from one lab to another to make sure that the results are accurate. Yet at the same time I disagree because people’s lives are at risk here. In order to make sure that they are reliable, epidemiological study and data, money has to be spent in this process in order to find the treatment for autism.

Too often we take into consideration the  amount of money that is being spent, but how can we improve or even solve the issue and provide treatment for autistic children in NYC if no work is being put in. In the article, by authors Cynthia C. Woo, Michael Leon “Environmental enrichment as an effective treatment for Autism: A randomized controlled trial”, they mention the impact of certain medications on different age groups. First they argue that, “ While significant improvement in autism symptoms have been reported following intensive early behavioral interventions, these expensive approaches are typically effective to some degree for some children, and only if initiated early in life.” Early detection of autism is very important and can be improved once noticed. He explains this when he states, “ Here, we have used a low-cost therapeutic approach … in our study ‘This treatment also benefits autistic children who are past the age at which other treatments are effective.” So, once the child’s past a certain age and depending on the treatment it predicts how well it will work. In addition, while conducting the research they highlighted and briefly explained that apart from using medication, things such as behavioral analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy could be used to improve autistic person intellectual functioning. In fact, cerebral work  is a very important approach. Parents sending their children to school help in this process by engaging children in reasoning with others and comprehending complex ideas since autistic people may suffer with intellectual disability.

We as humans tend to always blame parents, but in order to make the world a better place teachers too can play their part on getting better training in understanding how to deal with special needs children, especially autistic children. According to  “Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers (Part 1),” this video essentially lead subordinate school teachers on better ways of understanding autism in New York. The spokesperson in this video states “Just because they can talk very intelligently to you in a monologue doesn’t mean that they don’t have a disability.” It’s just a way for them sometimes to try interacting with people. When they do this they are happy even if they are repeating the same thing over and over again because they themselves think they are actually having a conversation.  Normal children often believes that children with autism do not have any sense but they do and they are supposed to be treated like non-austic students. Fortunately with the increase in special needs educators there will be more opportunity for cognitive corrections. I agree that these children have “ Extreme sensory Sensitivities,” which means they have a different sensation to things. For example, they have the ability to hear sound from a far distance. So overall this video was very important and helpful which shows how beneficial it is to have secondary school teachers in the classroom who understand and will do everything they can to help autistic children because they process information much differently. This is where further research has been done to further develop therapy in helping autistic children.

How can we know if these therapies really work? Well the only way to know is by trying. According to “ 10 Types of Autism Therapy | Autism,”this video elaborates on the therapies that these children are getting and how it is based on the child’s physical needs. For example a child suffering from speaking properly the speaker in the video would recommend speech delay. Apart from the speech therapy other therapies that have been used are: occupational, ABA, RDI, PECS, TEACH, Sensory, Floortime, Swimming and Behavioral therapy. This video is an essential proof to my report  because it has educational information on what they are doing on improving the issues in NYC by developing more and more therapies to fulfill their needs. The speaker mentions about one commonly therapy that has been used is the behavioral therapy which helps children with autism work on their social communication and learning and even self care. This is really important because often times autistic child struggle with communicating and social interactions so the fact that they are implementing these therapies to help is a good thing. This video helps in reminding parents that true their most stressful times getting swamp it is true continued support  that really helps the get the full outcome of a child so must be reinforced. In conclusion, reflecting back it was mind blowing how people of course wanted to reward question whether or not vaccines are accountable for autistic spectrum disorder. However, the evidence I’ve cited proves conclusively that vaccines and medication are responsible for autism spectrum disorder and also environmental causation. In this day and age, we all know that technology has opened the eyes of many of these authors and researchers to view, collect, process and implement treatments for different health related illnesses and disabilities. Precisely the circumstances of autism was unrecognized. Today, it is acknowledged as neurological disorder of significance in which many scientists and researchers seek to rectify. Many organizations including the NEIGHS have fought so hard on finding the causes for the disorder as well as which treatment would work best. With all these treatments that have been developed to help these children there is a major improvement in their communication, their movements and even the potential to speak more fluently. These articles were very important because they included the map which shows the environmental causes of autism in NewYork City and the ways in which the public school system can be a beneficial pathways for children with autism. Finally, what I have learned from these articles and videos is that research is very important, because  it helps you gain insight to so many things that haven’t been known which you could teach someone else about. Furthermore that the main goal of this research was to learn more about autism which means I now know the treatments for autism and how this research could lead to better school benefits down the line.

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TEAM: Trash Rules Everything Around Me

Charlotte Komguem                                                                                        12/10/2019

Section: 216B


TREAM: Trash Rules Everything Around Me.

Although trash is necessary to farmers in the form of compost. It is beneficial to people in urban develops because the smell bacteria and viruses that comes from uncontrolled trash can cause illnesses such as heart disease and environmental problems like air pollution. Recent studies like these shed new light on our environment through of department of sanitation.

Those people keeps their garbage because it can be useful or recycle. According to the New York times, through the impact of garbage to New-York city neighborhoods. By focusing on the city  New York times overlooks the deeper problem of trash. In fact, regarding the mountains of trash in New York city. We can see food animal corpses and  intolerable smell, with contribute to poor air quality. In fact that leads to cardiovascular issues and air pollution. Trash in landfills can be used for compost. Our main rationale from the thesis without because it shows us, “ how are the garbage from?”. In addition our city has rubbish around the streets, through the fast food restaurants, dunking donuts, Starbucks coffee and the seller around the streets. We can observe the cans, plats, spoiled food and the restaurants plastic bag.

Although New York city has the waste systems to keep the city clean. I celebrate the fact that exploring urban data urges us to “ what does New York do with all its trash? One city’s waste-in numbers”2019.  Exploring urban data is surely right about the public and  private waste system because, the private waste is from business. And then The public waste from residences and government buildings. In fact everyday New York public garbage truck collected less than 7000 tones. After finishing their route, it will be deposited in New York’s waste transfer station. Then it  will be carried to a landfill.

I advocate a radical revision of the garbage and recycling in New-York. In the video, the author writes how much the population threw the trash everyday. Also, the department of sanitation and private companies struggle to keep the city clean. It shows us how the department has  norms by dividing the trash in 3categories. Those devisers are  paper, metal/ glass, plastic/ mixed solid waste. In addition the video highlighted new trash is death with step by step. How are carried the trash to the next stop. Also it will be deposited to landfill and will be used as organic compost.

But New York times would certainly take issue with the argument, that trash rules everything around me. My map shows us where the department of sanitation transported the trash. Through  two waste systems: the private and public. And then, it demonstrates the causes of the mountains of trash by cardiovascular diseases, poor air quality. Finally, it explains the types of garbage and how the waste system struggle to clean our city each day. This calls me back to my own experience. In my country, less people throw trash.  Because more of them are farmers, and they keep recycle to sold to the companies of transformation. But our department of sanitation doesn’t work everyday. In the same way, it is to keep the city clean and avoid air pollution who can be a danger for our health.