Research proposal

New York City  one of the most beautiful and visited  cities in the world still in construction ever since. In the heart of Manhattan, where people are getting all big impression of the city is in construction with road and new building.

We already know that the improvement of the modernization comes with a lot of changes. for example, landfill are coming up with new design and construction for human well-being because of the impact the built environment has on us. For the last ten years, the remarks are that the city of New York changed a lot with design building. According to the “Next environment revolution” the city will continue changing because the population are growing, so there will be the need of places, buildings, playgrounds to accommodate the population’s well being, however, those need to be affordable for everyone or what going to be the purpose of those new building. the middle and lower class facing housing crisis because their income can not afford the rent. imagine homeless are everywhere in the city of New York and I think the cause of that can the lack of affordable housing. so affordable need to be created more .

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  1. sonia valencia

    New York City is a beautiful city. I believe we have dealt with homelessness in the past in a good way. San Francisco and other cities have a bigger issues. Tents and many homelessness all over the cities. State laws have so much to do with it and communities have to opt in for a solution.

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