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Komguem Charlotte                                                                                                   27/10/2019

English 110


There are plenty of trash around the Bronx corners, but some say they cannot find a place to recyclage. That is can be toxic and affect our health. That problem we face by the abundance of trash on our streets, our neighborhood, forest and oceans have recently become a topic in the class. And that takes me back to my research topic.

Since 1881 the department of sanitation collected garbage, recycles, glass and paper each day. From house and institutions between 4pm and midnight. But the city still has trash because we have more fast food restaurants as, dunkin donuts, Mac Donald, starbucks coffee, and the vendors on the streets. And the customers throw the cans, the plastic bag and the rest of the food on the way.

We deserve a clean environment to live in, because it can affect our health through the intolerable smell, animal corpses and poor air quality. As diseases, cardiovascular, infections and epigenetic processes. Over that, it can develop skin cancer. With regard to the rate of respiratory diseases and asthma with exposure to toxic air contaminants. And it can cause the risk of premature birth to pregnancy women.

After my research, I learned how the trash affects our hearth. We can help our community and the department of sanitation to keep our city clean.

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  1. sonia valencia

    I think that the Fast Food Industry plays a major part in the contamination of the environment due to large use of Styrofoam and plastic. I believe team work will increase clean city and healthier environment because companies will try to use earth friendly products like decomposable containers and reduce contamination. This also means there will be recyclables and less trash to worry about.

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