409A T 12:30-3:15pm

Week Date Reading Due Writing Topics Assignments Due
1 8/27 Icebreakers

Syllabus review

Syllabus scavenger hunt

Campus Scavenger Hunt Assignment completed during class

2 9/3 Active Reading and Annotations; “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop

Getting Started with Google Docs: Computer Lab (Reserved MMC)

Campus Scavenger Hunt Assignment
3 9/10 They Say, I Say Introduction and Chapter 1 pgs 1-31 In Class Essay 1: Close Reading

Starting with what They Say Activities

4 9/17 “The Next Environmental Revolution” from Welcome to Your World Introduction pgs 1-19 (Readings Page of Course site)

Image of the City Video (Readings Page of Course site)

They Say, I Say Ch. 2; pgs 30-42


Introduce Essay 2

Contributions to Welcome to Your World Study Guide Google Doc (Study Guides Page of Course Site)
5 9/24 Nonstop Metropolis Map 21: Public/ Private pgs 171-178

They Say, I Say Ch. 4 “Yes/ No/ Okay/ But: Three Ways to Respond” pgs 53-66

How to find and use quotations

The Sandwich Technique for Quotations

In Class Peer Review

Responding to others’ ideas

Accessing and Creating a Site on the Academic Commons (Reserved COW 2-3:30)

Essay 2: Summary and Evaluation Draft
6 10/1 No Class
7 10/8 No Class Essay 2: Summary and Evaluation Due
8 10/15 Nonstop Metropolis Map 10: City of Women pgs 85-90

Nonstop Metropolis Map 17: Trash in the City pgs 142-146

They Say, I Say Ch. 5 and 6  pgs 67-90

Methods and modes of argumentation

MEAL plan for body paragraphs

9 10/22 Essay 3: In Class Midterm-Making an Argument

Choosing a Research Topic

10 10/29 How to Do Research: Library Day

Peer Review of Research Topics

Essay 4: Digital Essay Research Proposal Blog Post Due
11 11/5 They Say, I Say Ch. 7 pgs 91-100

Nonstop Metropolis Map 12: City of Walkers pgs 94-101

Creating a Working Thesis and Using it to Generate Research Terms
Writing Effective Summaries for Citations
12 11/12 Nonstop Metropolis Map 20: Brooklyn Villages, pgs 165-170

Nonstop Metropolis, Map 18: Mysterious Land of Shaolin pgs 147-157

They Say, I Say Ch 8, pgs 101-116

They Say, I Say Ch. 10 pgs 131-140

Making Connections

Practicing Metacommentary

Essay 4: Annotated Bibliography Due
13 11/19 Draft Meetings with Me (Reserved COW 12:30-2) Essay 4: Digital Essay Written Copy Draft Due
14 11/26 Nonstop Metropolis Map 15: Burning Down and Rising Up: The Bronx in the 1970’s pgs 119-13

They Say, I Say Ch. 11 pgs 141-160

Writing Effective Conclusions

Technical Issues and Digital Essays Peer Review (Reserved COW 12:30-2)

15 12/3 Final Exam Preparation Essay 4: Digital Essays Due
16 12/10 Final Exam Preparation