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Research Proposal – Jhanilda C.

I will research the many benefits New York public libraries have for families and children and how this ties into the different approaches to contacting problematic children, and how this has had changed over the years. Many people and families have trouble when it comes to childcare and child entertainment, even getting their children to focus in school or in their day to day lives, many parents find an easy solution by setting them up for afterschool library programs which benefit them in many ways. The NYPL has a variety of programs for kids of all ages, from homework help to arts and crafts, hands-on science workshops, and more. All this kind of help helps children develop a better understanding of what they may be struggling with or with that they may need to learn in the future. My research proposal topic is on how the NYPL has helped and benefit children’s education over the past 10 years and how these programs will improve for the community’s children better future.