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Research Proposal

For my research proposal, I will study Starbucks locations throughout the borough of Manhattan and correlate on how much wealth the area has. This will be in the present time and will mostly be written for the sake of learning about the gentrification process in the heart of the city. Throughout my life I’ve noticed the large amount of Starbucks locations in areas that are filled to the brim with wealth, white people, and privilege. There could even be three locations within the same general vicinity for seemingly no reason. While, in less impoverished places of Manhattan, there’s nothing but bodegas, drug addicts, and people of color. Not a single Starbucks in sight. For this project I want to emphasize how Starbucks are used as landmarks of the city and show just how much of a division they create within the Big Apple. I will only be using Manhattan for this project as it is the center of wealth and help visualize the stark comparisons in a brighter light. I will also include any store that, within, holds a Starbucks locations, for they too contribute to the overwhelming gentrification of New York.

I’ve always disliked how much Starbucks has popped up within these confines of the city. It was always a visual reminder that even the most basic of coffees can have a huge price tag attached to it, to compensate for the huge wealth within the area. I always make my own, or buy it locally. I genuinely need to emphasize what Starbucks means in the city; and that is wealth markers.