Shabaj Hussain

English 110

October 19, 2019


                   City Of Production: Industrial Factories Good or Dad for Modern Day Society

Over the course of time people build buildings and infrastructure that is necessary in our lives. Most of these constructions can have a negative effect toward the environment. Air pollution caused by industrial factories can impact everything around us. When it comes to the topic of air pollution, most people may argue that industrial factories aren’t the only cause of air pollution, in which they are correct, however to eliminate the problem as quickly we must look to what is closest to us. Ultimately, what is at stake here is the increase in the health risk since it will affect everyone around it. It has been proven that air pollution can damage the ozone layer which creates smog a fog like air pollution that is extremely harmful to a human’s body. Although industrial factories is a necessary factor for our modern lifestyle, the risks they pose such as lung disease, asthma rates, and skin problems demand that we need to find a solution. Therefore what we do in the matter will decide how we live in our society.


In modern lifestyle industrial factories is a necessary part of our society. In the article “just how important is manufacturing” by Willy C. Shih, the author introduces his work by stating that manufacturing is important for economic future. Shih speaks about visiting hundreds of factories that produce a million notebook computers a week, microchip engine controllers for 40% of the world’s cars. He points out that “most Americans believe factory work is mechanical, snapping together plastic parts or assembling electronic devices”. Shih explains that many of the jobs in manufacturing are enormous amount of sophisticated knowledge work. Shih ends by saying that if “a country loses the ability or the capacity to manufacture, its innovation space will be truncated”. In the article, “just how important is manufacturing”, Shih mentions that “They include ones that produce a million notebook computers a week,… microchip engine controllers for 40% of the world’s cars, key components for iPhones, commercial jet engines, scientific instruments, heavy construction equipment, tools for making semiconductors, and solar panels.” Shih’s point is that manufacturing factories are very essential in the modern world. It manufactures almost everything we use from the smallest such as cellphones to the biggest vehicle. The factories are what is helping us to make new discoveries and is the future of the changing environment. In other words, factories have the potential to shape our future toward more environmentally friendly. Furthermore the usage of these factories will ultimately decide the impact it has on our planet either good or bad.


Air pollution caused by industrial factories are a major problem in our society. It can affect everyone and everything around it. There are many risks such as lung disease, asthma rates, and skin problems. The article “NYC is among smoggiest city in Nation, report says” by Adam Nichols, the author talks about New York being ranked tenth worst in the country for smog levels. He also mentions that the “increase in unhealthy air is eye-opening, and points to the reality that the nation must do more to protect the public from serious, even life-threatening harm.” Nichols points out that “Nationwide, more than 141 million people lived in areas last year with unsafe levels of the two, the report found. That’s an increase of more than 7 million from 2017.” Nichols explains that researchers with the Lung Association measured particle pollution in short and long term intervals. Short-term refers to daily spikes that can prove deadly, while long-term is yearly average. According to the article, “NYC is among smoggiest city in nation, report says,” Nichols mentions that “Ozone pollution, often called smog, is unhealthy and essentially leaves a sunburn on the lungs, the report said. Breathing in ozone can leave people suffering from shortness of breath and cause bouts of coughing, asthma attacks and even early death.” This evidence shows that it is very unhealthy for many people living in environments that 

are polluted. We all want to live in an environment that is safe for us and our children but it is difficult to achieve when there is ozone pollution. It is dangerous for people with health issues to stay in areas where the air is not clean. This image shows us the smog fog in Manhattan. The picture may not show much but the smog exists and it is very dangerous for people. Many people come and go in New York City, many tourists come to see Manhattan one of the most popular boroughs, and to think that it is contaminated with pollution is very alarming. Consequently It is in our hands to decide if we want to risk living in polluted area or to make a change to the community.


Industrial factories produce too much air pollution that demands us to find the solution to the problem. The article “How to cure smoke pollution from factories”by Doug Johnson, the author speaks about the existential threat of smog from factories that has on both the environment and human health. He points out that “different governments around the world have mandated actions to reduce the level of toxic emissions from industrial processes, such as reducing the amount of harmful chemicals used in these processes, and utilizing technologies to capture them before the chemicals enter Earth’s atmosphere.” Johnson explains that different industries around the world use different materials and chemicals to make their product. He also points out that “In 2014, the United States’ coal power industry released 41.2 tons of lead, 9,332 pounds of cadmium, 576,185 tons of carbon monoxide and 77,108 pounds of arsenic into the air.” With this action came many risks for humans such as cancer, heart disease and bronchitis. Johnson states that the efforts to reduce industrial air pollution involves encouraging or enforcing renewable and clean sources of energy rather than coal and fossil fuels. Around 85 percent of United State’s energy comes from fossil fuels rather than renewable resources like solar or wind energy. Johnson remind us that While new technologies allow these plants to use less-harmful materials, it could be challenging to use environmentally friendly resources considering it is easier to use their harmful counterparts that have a long history of industrial use. According to the article “How to cure smoke pollution from factories” it states, “Part of government efforts to reduce industrial air pollution involves encouraging or enforcing renewable and clean sources of energy rather than coal and fossil fuels.” Johnson’s point is that it would be preferable to replace fossil fuel with clean and renewable energy. With this idea we can decrease effect air pollution on us and our environment. When chemicals goes into the air, it not only affects us but everything around us as well. For instance, air pollution can damage the ozone layer which can create smog a fog that is bad for our health. Air pollution can cause acid rain and make fish poisonous to humans. In New York City, Manhattan one of the five boroughs is full of life which was a victim of smog. It should be our priority to keep it clean of air pollution. Furthermore the less bad chemicals we have in the air, the better it is for our health and the community.

Of course, many will probably believe that industrial factories are not the main cause of air pollution. While it is true that industrial factories aren’t the only factor to consider when it comes to air pollution.

This diagram shows us that factories are not the only cause of air pollution. As a matter of fact industrial factories are a major cause of air pollution. With our ever changing world it demands us to make new and replace the old leading to more usage of industrial factories to create more and more to keep up the change. My research was to show the impact of industrial factories in our city. No one should have to be in constant fear being at risk of having cancer, lung disease, asthma, or heart disease. People who live in areas with high poverty rate are in higher health risk. While industrial factories has its downsides, it is the one that keeps our economy rolling. It provides us with the necessary resources we need for our daily life. With the help of industrial factories making new discoveries were made possible. For instance, factories that made rocketship parts which allowed us to go to the moon and tools that helped scientists make new medicine. Back when I was living in my country the air quality wasn’t great. A lot of the street were filled smoke because many of the vehicles let out bad smoke. When I came to America, I thought everything was better, the air looked clean and the environment looked much better than where I came from. As the years passed, living in New York City I began to notice many of the areas didn’t have clean air. While touring Manhattan I would notice that black smoke would come out building’s rooftop. I would always thought to myself why would no one change that. Consequently it is up to make a change in our society if we and our children want to live a healthy life.