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Mental health Crisis Center

Mental health Crisis Center

The part that I going to indicate in this essay will be Burnside and Jerome in Bronx NY. In the first map I will indicate the place where they should create the Mental health crisis center in this area and in the second map a will indicate the place where it is located the only hospital that provides help for these people in this area. 

This map shows where should be built a mental health crisis center. This place it is a large and every year has built a different types of shops and before the year end they close it.

This map shows where it is located the hospital that offers help for people with mental health problem.



Benjamin, Mueller. “Public Hospitals Treat Greater Share of Mental Health Patients”. New York Times, Aug. 22, 2017. The report, providing a fresh look at a longstanding issue, points to the slow churn of change in mental health care. Although widespread agreement that many patients are better treated and treated at lower costs outside the hospital, serious alternatives to psychiatric wards remain few and far between. The city’s public hospitals system, the NYC Health & Hospitals, said inpatient mental health stays have declined since 2014. And New York State is in the third year of a $7 billion Medicaid reform plan that encourages hospitals to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, especially for mental illness, by instead investing in helping people manage their medications outside the hospital and integrating psychiatric care with other doctor visits. Therefore, I pointed this area of ​​the Bronx because is one of the areas that urgently needs this kind of help. Although, in some place the problem is still because this is not enough to attend to many patients. When we are walk down of many street of New York, we can see people sleeping in the street covering with cardboard, asking for some coins and walking desolately. If the government does not provide enough help for these people they will continue to find solution of their mental and emotional problems in drugs and then it will be more problems for patients and the society.

Caroline, Lewis. “When New Yorkers Report A Mental Health Crisis, who should respond?”. New York Public radio, Sept. 19, 2019. Local headlines in recent years have highlighted how a 911 call for assistance with someone who has symptoms of a mental illness can end in a tragedy. In New York City, at least 14 people with mental illness have been killed by New York police officers in the last three years. Although, the police are for help and protect all citizens, people with mental health crisis are at risk when they come to the rescue in a crisis. This is because the police are the ones who arrive at the moment that they are having a crisis. Police see person with crisi  as a threat for them and those who are over and if they need to act with aggression to reassure them they will doing it. These people need special help for their problems not the police. For that reason, it is necessary that the government add more economic funds to be able to hire more social workers who can be there at the moment they have these type of crisis even if the police are present there is professionals which are prepared to control situation like this in the proper way. respond

East Burnside Avenue, The Bronx, New York City © All Rights Reserved Taken in: United States / New York / New York / Mount Hope  (show map) Taken on: February 7, 2009

Therefore, I strongly believe that, the government tries to show that he gives help to these people but we can see this help it is not enough for them. Unfortunately, many of these people when have a crisis who are going to help them is the police which the solution can end in tragedy. Also, we can notice how these people are on the streets depressive with drug and alcohol problems. It is not fair for a human being to end up his/her life with a critical or serious condition like this just because the government does not want to provide the necessary attention and help to them. 



Stusy guide: They say, I say

Chapter 3 : The Art of Quoting

To adequately frame a quotation, you need to insert it into what we like to call a “quotation sandwich,” with the statement introducing it serving as the top slice of bread and the explanation following it serving as the bottom slice.


X states, “not all steroids should be banned from sport.”

According to X, “­­­­­­­­­-­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________.”

Templates for explaining quotations

The one piece of advice about quoting that our students say they find most helpful is to get in the habit of following every major quotation by explaining what it means, using a template like one of the ones below.

Basically, X is warning that the proposed solution will only make the problem worse.

Adelina Borrero and Miguel Huerta

Mental health crisis

My research and what I going to map is about mental health crisis. The part that I going to indicate on the map will be the Bronx NY. The reason I chose this issue is because in New York there are many people who are dealing with mental health crisis and they do not have the adequate help to deal with this situation. I will focus on the Bronx area because it is the place where I live and every day, I see people destroyed because of mental problems and ended up in drugs. In this street I see different types of people with this problem women, men, youth boys and girls looking for solution of their problems in wrong places. This shows me that the health department no matter how much they say they are not doing is not enough for this people. Unfortunately, many of these people are going to other types of help. Drugs and alcohol make this problem worse. These people need more medical attention, places where they can be to treat their problems, supporting not only from their family also helps from professionals who are treating their situation. NY needs more professionals staff to identify the people who need help with crisis Mental health on time. There are many people who have mental problems but because they do not have the right medical attention these types of problems are some of the reasons why this country pass through for serious situations.