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Plastic in the ocean

The number of people that are unaware of the damage just the day to day plastics is causing to the ocean and marine life is to be scared of, because humans more often than not fall into the impression that plastic only affects the ocean and marine life not knowing it affects human health as well, how you wonder, well  the chemicals from the plastics that some fish and mammals are unable to distinguish from food and eat them or that they’re simply exposed to stay within them, once these are captured for humans to then consume it can be very toxic to them. This topic should be spoken more about not only adults but to this generation, the damaged already made by those generations before us can still be mended by taking action and educating the upcoming generation who are less aware of these issues just a few previous weeks back I had a survey on plastic pollution and there was one question of how many people were aware of the about the amount of trash in the ocean and most young adults we not aware that approximately  8 million metric tons of trash making its way to the ocean annually. This is a topic everyone should not only be aware and educated on but also should be part of the “how do we fix it?” and “what can we do?” because if there’s no action is taken soon, by 2025 there will be more fish than actual marine life.