Plastic in the ocean

The number of people that are unaware of the damage just the day to day plastics is causing to the ocean and marine life is to be scared of, because humans more often than not fall into the impression that plastic only affects the ocean and marine life not knowing it affects human health as well, how you wonder, well  the chemicals from the plastics that some fish and mammals are unable to distinguish from food and eat them or that they’re simply exposed to stay within them, once these are captured for humans to then consume it can be very toxic to them. This topic should be spoken more about not only adults but to this generation, the damaged already made by those generations before us can still be mended by taking action and educating the upcoming generation who are less aware of these issues just a few previous weeks back I had a survey on plastic pollution and there was one question of how many people were aware of the about the amount of trash in the ocean and most young adults we not aware that approximately  8 million metric tons of trash making its way to the ocean annually. This is a topic everyone should not only be aware and educated on but also should be part of the “how do we fix it?” and “what can we do?” because if there’s no action is taken soon, by 2025 there will be more fish than actual marine life.

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  1. haddy ceesay

    I believe the topic plastic in the ocean is very interesting topic because it is a debatable topic. However most people believe that is harmful to our environment but it is beyond that. it is because everything that might affect the environment due affect the people living in that environment. also this topic scope the five page length as required. I suggest the research should be base on a specific city or neighborhood. this investigation about plastic in the ocean can be done in so many places anywhere the researcher may preferred.

  2. fanny jerez

    i believe that plastic in the ocean is an interesting research topic because it is and can be an argumentative topic. many people believe and know that plastic can be harmful but others are not even aware of it or just don’t mind it because they might think it can be solved but they do not know that most of the plastic in the oceans is because of us humans used to or still are throwing trash anywhere. due to that it has affected the environment that we live in. this topic does scope the five pages essay as it is required. my suggestion would be to be clear on what part you would be choosing to do your investigation.

  3. Destiny

    I believe this is a good topic because plastic waste is such a common issue, that doing research and finding resources should come easy for you. Though, you narrowed the topic of global warming to only plastic waste I believe you should work on choosing a location. When I say this I mean choose a location so that your research can be more precise and I think it will also help you when we get to the mapping section. It also seems that you don’t have only an exact research question. Making sure you have a good, narrow research question makes doing your research and the writing of your essay so much easier.

  4. Maria Colon

    As said by the recent commentators, your topic of plastic in the ocean is a significant matter that many also disregard. This in itself is highly debatable because some individuals choose to ignore the detrimental effects of pollution in our oceans when it not only affects the marine life but us as well. For this topic, you have alot that you could discuss in an informative and argumentative way, both of which that would satisfy the assignments guidelines. You could incorporate the damages that waste in the ocean provide to life, what others and ourselves can do to battle this crisis, and what location you’re focusing on.

  5. Marielys Perez

    This topic is very important because people don’t actually realize the damage that they are causing the ecosystem and each other. When people litter they do not think about where their garbage will go. This topic is not debatable because it is pretty much common sense that we are all ruining the ecosystem and the planet by littering and not caring about how we can reduce plastic. This topics scope is appropriate for the 5 page length of the assignment. The entire pollution topic is way too big but she seems to have narrowed it down to just plastic pollution. This topic says that it is talking about pollution in the ocean but not in a specific ocean. I believe that she should look for info in the animal planet website.

  6. Ana

    I like this topic because I found the topic very interesting. This topic is good for the five page length of the assignment because it is something that she or he is going to have a lot of things to talk about it because all the plastic that we throw in the ocean is affecting our animals, but at the same time is affecting us. Also, something that I like for this topic is that it has a location. I see that who is going to write about this topic is going to develop the five length pages very well because I believe that the assignment has a good support. In addition, I like how the person who is going to write about this topic is going to include in the essay about how the plastic in the ocean can affect the new generations.

  7. Yarisleidy Faña

    I believe that the topic Plastic on the ocean is a very important topic because this is something that young adults should know because we are the future of this planet and it’s our job to make sure the planet is a better place. Which makes the topic interesting because it’s a great topic to write about, so that people are more opened and notified about what’s happening in the ocean because it contains our food. When the fish eats the plastic it hurts the fish which can affect the ecosystem and eventually hurt the people eating the fish or any of the marine life who consumes plastic

  8. Genesis

    I found this topic very interesting, I think is it important to be aware of the damage we are doing to the planet, she emphasized in the most important part of the topic, I think it will be helpful to talk more about an specific part of a country or a city because talking about that topic in general it may give you very much information and that’s something we have to avoid in this assigment. Also to get better information and put it on a map you must need and specific area or city. New york city is a big city that’s still is full of plastic I suggest to you to check out new york city and you will found interesting information about it. A lot of building that still do not recycle and more important things that will be helpful .

  9. Maryleiny Peralta

    I believe this topic is very important because we are awake of what can happen and we are letting people know so they can be aware of it as well. This topic is definitely debatable because theres a lot of true facts and question for this topic and t can also help you write your entire 5 page essay and i believe even more. This topic says about the ocean but specify which. I suggest to look for an specific ocean that is being more harm and focus more on that one.

  10. Michael A Cruz

    This is an very important topic, often we humans beings don’t realize the damage done when not properly recycling our waste. Plastic are one of the majors problems we have considering the bad affects it causes to our marine wild life and our oceans which we live off of. This topic would be a very good debatable one because of all the fun facts about this. Still global warming is a broad topic to talk about when speaking globally there are many other facts of global warming other than plastic. I might advise add a more specific place on where this is problematic. All in all I generally like this topic for discussion it should be easy finding sources to back up your argument.

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