Party City Helium Shortage Research topic

So far based on what I know, Party City and other party stores will start to go out of business due to a shortage of helium. The main suppliers of helium are located in three states within the world, Qatar, Wyoming, and Texas. The big problem is as more helium is being made, the more difficult it has become to buy more shipments of this element to support party stores with balloons. The question I would want to know is can some party stores still afford helium?  and how many other party stores would be affected by this shortage, and how many other party stores will begin to suffer the same shortage? most importantly will it affect the United States only or will it become a global issue?. many other people will want to know, now that there is a shortage in helium will Party City begin to lower their balloon pricing?. Most Party City stores in America are suffering from the helium shortage, but I believe my main focus would be around the New Jersey/ New York areas. Mostly because these areas are to be the next areas where the shortage may affect the United States. Henceforth the shortage had started in 2018 and is possible to escalate towards the future. Many of these closings were reported to be in Illinois, Connecticut, and Washington, but many of these closings are not claimed to be a bad thing to the managers to Party City. It is that the store is currently working on a new deal to establish a new contract towards getting a new source of Helium.

3 thoughts on “Party City Helium Shortage Research topic

  1. TRAEY

    I could definitely see the importance in the helium shortage. It could interrupt many traditions, routines, businesses, experiments, and more. This also could be debatable, because of helium not being needed in most everyday life situations for many and of course there is ignorance of its uses. As of now it seems to me that this topic could yield you either just enough or not enough content to accomplish the five page mark, but that is based off your work and research efforts. Try diving into statistics actual responses and opinions to help us visualize exactly how people as a whole feel about this and how people of party cities business feel.

  2. Rebekah Santos

    The discussion of helium and the need for it in party stores is not as relevant as other topics. However within your topic there is potential to research something else. For example the necessity of helium in other aspects of everyday life that we may not be thinking about everyday helium is not only used for party stores I know it’s also used in a mixture to help treat respiratory problems Like asthma . I for one never thought about this topic. Hopefully you can make it work but I feel this may be a tricky topic. But as stated earlier this topic is debatable because of its relevance party stores may not be as relevant to talk about for the length of 5 pages.

  3. angely

    I see where your going with this topic but if you really think about it do people really give any importance to helium, besides parties what do people use helium on the daily for? my concern with this topic for you is would you find enough information for you to do 5 pages. On the other hand this can be a dabatable topic and i think it would be easier for you to create the map part of the research paper since your focusing it in the NJ and NY areas.

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