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In chapter 5 of the book “They Say, I Say” by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, stating in their opening title “ Distinguishing What you say from what they say”  that in order to become a great argumentive writer you must be able to distinguish what you say from what others may argue.  Arguments could be added on to if you use the right templates, remember you can also embed voice markers to make your point stronger. Let’s Agree to Disagree, shall we?



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World almost out of Helium: Impacts of Helium

The topic on the table here is helium shortages in party stores worldwide, this map will show readers what cities are bound to suffer from helium shortages in which it will leave party stores to a limited amount of helium. When it comes to the topic of helium most of us readily agree that helium is considered to be a necessity used for many other resources other than filling party balloons. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how much of helium would we consider to be used for our necessities? Whereas some are convinced that our constant usage of helium is the main cause of this shortage. Others maintain that the pricing stock for helium is the leading cause of this shortage. Ultimately what is at stake here is with this shortage starting to affect the world, many people would go unemployed at jobs such as Party stores, Tire shops, and most importantly the hospitals that use this element to treat subjects who suffer from asthma and emphysema. Although helium is running short in America, Helium usage should be limited because pricing for helium will become expensive for the more we use it the more limited the source would be, this indicates that Helium is a limited source.

Even though Helium is one if not only, the biggest resource used for many of our necessities in our daily lives such as car tires, party balloons, medical and etc. Before revealing the reason why helium has become a limited source, we must establish the main necessities of helium first. Diane Dotson brings in two factors of how and why Helium is the most important element on earth. According to Diane Dotson in the article “ Everyday uses of Helium Gas “, she claims “You can find helium used in everyday life in various forms. It is used as a lifting agent, in party balloons, in diving mixtures, and in optical fibers. Welders use helium for welding arcs in construction. Physicians and surgeons use helium to help patients with lung and heart procedures. When you visit a grocery store, and your groceries are scanned, you are likely observing helium-neon lasers.” We would all argue that “helium” as we identified it is an essential element for many resources. Henceforth brings us the many necessities used in the world and beyond.

Now that we have established what are the basic necessities for helium, I will now begin to discuss Why helium started to decrease in the United States and how we could be affected by this. In the article produced by CNBC, Huileng Tan advocates that the helium shortage would affect not only balloons but scientific research as well. According to Huileng, “Meanwhile, overall U.S. production has also fallen as the bureau has been rationing supply since February 2018 after a group of countries led by Saudi Arabia announced an economic embargo of Qatar. That created chaos in the helium supply chain for weeks as roughly 30 percent of the global supply was taken off the market.” is surely right about how the U.S is having trouble with getting shipments of helium from Qatar because as she might not be aware, recent studies have shown that the United States is currently having trouble in Saudi Arabia with the murder of Khashoggi, at least 16 Saudi nationals were found guilty of this murder.


Finally how states would be affected in the future by this shortage including Party City stores shutting their doors to future workers. In the article “ Party City is facing a helium shortage…” by  David Goldman, he admits that Party city is indeed in danger of closing 45 stores due to this natural gas shortage, but the company hopes to continue receiving shoppers. According to Goldman “Filling balloons with helium is among the company’s most profitable services, according to Barclays’ Matt McClintock. Helium brings people into the store, and those customers usually buy other items instead of buying on Amazon (AMZN) or at another store. But with the earth’s (and Party City’s) helium supplies dwindling, potential balloon customers have been searching elsewhere for party goods. This evidence shows that this element is the main reason why a lot of people go and buy balloons, but now that this element is dwindling less people would buy from this store and would go elsewhere to other party stores for better pricing on balloons. 


In conclusion, of course, many will probably disagree on the grounds that Helium should be a limited resource for necessities and should be mainly focused on hospitalizing the sick and curing asthma attacks. Moving forward this map would show the cities being affected by shortages in helium. Mainly my experience with helium had started when I was small and I went to a party city to pick up party supplies for a birthday party while walking in the store I saw first hand how balloons were inflated with helium. And my first thought of it was “ This is fascinating”.  


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Party City Helium Shortage Research topic

So far based on what I know, Party City and other party stores will start to go out of business due to a shortage of helium. The main suppliers of helium are located in three states within the world, Qatar, Wyoming, and Texas. The big problem is as more helium is being made, the more difficult it has become to buy more shipments of this element to support party stores with balloons. The question I would want to know is can some party stores still afford helium?  and how many other party stores would be affected by this shortage, and how many other party stores will begin to suffer the same shortage? most importantly will it affect the United States only or will it become a global issue?. many other people will want to know, now that there is a shortage in helium will Party City begin to lower their balloon pricing?. Most Party City stores in America are suffering from the helium shortage, but I believe my main focus would be around the New Jersey/ New York areas. Mostly because these areas are to be the next areas where the shortage may affect the United States. Henceforth the shortage had started in 2018 and is possible to escalate towards the future. Many of these closings were reported to be in Illinois, Connecticut, and Washington, but many of these closings are not claimed to be a bad thing to the managers to Party City. It is that the store is currently working on a new deal to establish a new contract towards getting a new source of Helium.

City of Woman

In the chapter of city of woman,  the author  starts off by describing the  New York City area with the subways,  the fact the walls were tagged.  And when looking at the Subway maps I’ve noticed that there were alot of women who lived within the three boroughs of New york, which are Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the bronx.