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Final essay

Fatumata Baro

Eng110- 409A

Nov 19 2019 

Those are the states that passed the law of abortion, some of them is legal and illegal. Abortion is still going on this country so this map help the people to understand how many states passed the law.


The topic of my map is about should abortion be legal, I will research the reasons and consequences of having an abortion. Many people assume that abortion can not cause a mental health because it helps the women to reduce a health issues such as infertility. If They are right about abortion should not be legal, then major consequences follow for the women’s who having an abortion instead of thinking the consequences. Although abortion may lead a serious problem, causes psychological damage. Beside abortion is not a solution for the women’s who is having it without thinking about the consequences. The Abortion also have two different method: abortion pills and surgical abortion.

Abortion can cause a serious problem because it increases the chance of getting a breast cancer by (n.d.). Abortion. Retrieved, this article it explains how the abortion lead to a risk problem such as a cancer or health problem. According to this article it states”is significantly associated with an increased risk of breast cancer” and that “the risk of breast cancer increases as the number of [abortions] increases.” (con 16). This explains how the health problem impact the women because the increase of getting an abortion that is the cause of getting a problem the rest of their life. I agree with this article is the best to know the causes and effects about abortion before making a decision. So they need to know what is abortion and consequences, the women who having the abortion might not know the effects they just taking their action. Another textual source by Harriet Pilpel (The Right of Abortion), she explained why the abortion made illegal because the hospital was not taking their responsibility to save the mother life. According to Pilpel where she states”Abortions were made illegal for this reason except where they were necessary to save the life of the mother; that is, where the great risk of infection which every operation involved was outweighed by the risk of carrying that particular pregnancy to term”. This means that the hospitals was increasing the risk for the mother lives because they were not using their power or responsibility to save lives during abortion. I agree with her because losing the women’s lives during abortion can impact the society and the mother will take action for it.

Abortion can also increase the risk of depression by (n.d.). Abortion. Retrieved said in the article how they got the risk of depression because they do not want to go through the pain of abortion or lose their live. According to the article it states “American women found that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term” (con 6). This shows how the women who committed suicide because of the consequences of getting an abortion they are many risk of getting it. In addition the abortion should not be legal because some women may lose their lives and increase the risk of depression.

This picture connect to my claim because a lot of women can have a depression after abortion because they might lose their lives or increase the risk of depression. Abortion impact the women live in society.

Some people argue that abortion should be legal because it will not increase a health problem when the hospitals are using the safety method by Harriet Pilpel (The Right of Abortion) on her article she explained why the abortion should be legal because it will protect the women health especially when they got rape or using the birth control. The states using their power to make abortion safe from not losing the lives of the women who is getting the abortion. According to Pilpel she states”Seven states—Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, New Mexico, and North Carolina—have amended their laws to permit abortion not only to save life but also to protect the health, mental and physical, of the mother, in cases of rape and incest, and to avert the birth of defective offspring (Governor Reagan forced the omission of this ground in the California law)”. This is important when the lawn permit the abortion because it will help the women or the teenage from not losing their life. Sometimes when they got pregnant the hospitals can recommended them to get an abortion because it’s not safe for them to continue the pregnant and it also help them from not getting the risk.

This picture can also connect to my claim because they are a method that that will not impact the women future pregnancies. Abortion pill safe and effective for getting the abortion and can also save their lives or getting a risk when the states pass their law to get an abortion safety.

In conclusion, abortion has been labeled as a social problem in the United States and all over the world. This only puts the mother’s life at risk and danger. Many factors such as weakening of the world economy and the consequences of the hard life as caused women to make such a critical decision. Ive witnessed my cousin who went through to the process of having abortion she almost lose her life, she had many regrets and was going through a phase of depression. Since then she decided of not having an abortion in her life, the consequences of abortion impacts the mother’s lives also the society.

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Research proposal

I will research the reasons and consequences of having an abortion. Many people do an abortion but they do not know how that going to impact their life It is still going on in the world because the people who getting an abortion might have a reasons why they do not want to keep the pregnancy and the abortion is unsafe for some people to survive. I will be mapping the percentage of an abortion in U.S, For Example In NYC many people going and abortion. I could like to focus on some reasons, consequences and percentages of having an abortion. My questions I would like to learn about my topic is why the abortion affect some women’s for not having a children? Why an abortion cause death? I will be mapping the percentages of each states that is having an abortion because it is interesting to known those information. (Where) In USA, (Which part) of the United States of America have a highest percent of abortion. (How) long the abortion has been legal in USA and if it is legal for a teen of having an abortion.( Why) the abortion affect of women’s in their future because everybody is different.( When) the law has been passed of having an abortion is legal if they does not want to keep the pregnancy. This project will help me get a lot of information about abortion that i want to know for a long time ago.