Research proposal

I will research the reasons and consequences of having an abortion. Many people do an abortion but they do not know how that going to impact their life It is still going on in the world because the people who getting an abortion might have a reasons why they do not want to keep the pregnancy and the abortion is unsafe for some people to survive. I will be mapping the percentage of an abortion in U.S, For Example In NYC many people going and abortion. I could like to focus on some reasons, consequences and percentages of having an abortion. My questions I would like to learn about my topic is why the abortion affect some women’s for not having a children? Why an abortion cause death? I will be mapping the percentages of each states that is having an abortion because it is interesting to known those information. (Where) In USA, (Which part) of the United States of America have a highest percent of abortion. (How) long the abortion has been legal in USA and if it is legal for a teen of having an abortion.( Why) the abortion affect of women’s in their future because everybody is different.( When) the law has been passed of having an abortion is legal if they does not want to keep the pregnancy. This project will help me get a lot of information about abortion that i want to know for a long time ago.