Research Proposal by Georgia.

Functionality is a must in this time and age. In my research assignment the topic i have chosen “Autism is a Disability”. What have already know is that it is a disability because if you can’t function 100% in the world, understanding right from wrong or anything that has to do with cognitive thinking is a disability and a lot of people with autism are very highly functional but they lack something, which makes it fall under the disability umbrella. Autism, however can be defined as broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills , repetitive behaviors and non verbal communication. What i would like to find out is which borough in New York has the highest rate of people with autism, can they live on their own, do they really know what they are doing, and finally what are the causes. All over the world people raises questions and concern about autism. Where in the world did autism originally started, it started in forest Mississippi. What kind of behavior triggers autism, common triggers including disturbing breaks in routine, lack of sleep, noises, lights or smell. Which part of the brain is mostly affected is the the cerebellum and it reduces the size in parts of the cerebellum. Why do children with autism and intellectual disability have medical fears and phobias because they believe people will harm them. How is autism diagnosed, diagnosing autism can be difficult however doctors usually look at the child’s behavior and development to make diagnose.