The fight against breast cancer

The fight against breast cancer

Breast cancer is the first cancer in women in both developing and developed countries. My learning will be based on the following questions: first, how can we diagnose breast cancer in women? second, how can we prevent breast cancer in women? and third, what is the symbol of breast cancer in women?. In the United States as everywhere in the world, many women are dying as a result or because of breast cancer. There now the government of America must force preventive measures to reduce the rate of breast cancer mortality in women. Breast cancer most begins in the glandular tissue called  lobules. The fight against breast cancer in women at the national or international  level must be based on noising public awareness of the breast cancer problems because many women do not know overweight  increases the risk of breast cancer especially in menopausal women. In addition many women do not know that having breast cancer significantly increases the risk of developing a second breast cancer. However all women should understand that physical activity is associated with decreased risk off breast cancer. By sensitizing women  then will understand that age heredity women they antecedents but also smocking alcohol overweight one a risk factor for breast cancer. That’s why it is recommended to have a regular gynecologist follow up for all women. Through consultation the gynecologist maybe required to prescribe a mammogram especially if it defects an abnormality.

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  1. Maria Urbaez

    I like that fact that this theme is not only appropriate for the 5 pages but even more, it is really important to inform people about breast cancer and it’s risks. It is a theme that can be debatable for the fact that many people believe of the possibility of a cure for cancer but since the amount of money that is wasted on chemotherapy the government does not want people to know about the existence of this cure. But where and how will you be mapping this theme? because this type of illness is all over the world. You may use some association’s website of support for people who have or had cancer to look for information about this topic.

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