Research Proposal-Gangs of Brooklyn

The topic that I’m researching is foucused on the gangs of brooklyn. Since the mid to late 1980s all of New York at some point had gangs running rampant. Some of you may know how the term “Hey, I’m walkin here!” is such a common prhase in New York that is due to the itailian mob running New York and they still do. My reason for researching this is because I’m really interested in how they operate? Why their influence can reach so many people? What factions still exist? Even after the itailan mob there wrere so many more gangs that rose to power. You’ve got the Bloods, Crips, Private Houses and Projects. These gangs all live in or near brooklyn. When i was a kid, I unfortunately had to deal with random encounters from gang members but it never escalated to me join one. At this point I was always aware of anyone that I thought would be in a gang and try to stay away from them. Now I have to gather all the information I can in order to solve these questions. While metioning only bad gangs that can harm people there are good ones that actually help their communities. There are multiple angles to cover something like this. The main focus is to observe the backgrounds of gang presence in brooklyn, why they can leave an impact, and if we are truly safe from gangs, if not what can the police do to suppress gang activity or can the police do anything at all againt them.