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After school program

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My map is going to be about kids walking around school but at the same time looking confuse and loss. It’s important because sometimes we see school and school close to each other and we also see after school programs and yet we have some much kids failing in one of the subject. Although after school is expensive program, student who participate in it are getting better grades and doing better in life. The map will showing the parts in the Bronx near the schools where you can see kids walking around.

After school program by Asil Ali Ozdogru and Judy Hartley, the need of after school program was influenced by the change on the workforce, education and family structure. Decreasing rates of kids getting into trouble and increasing the rate of education and better life. All this changed started at the end of the 19th century when kids instead of going to the factories they started to going to the schools. This implementation was passed by congress in the 1990.
FOUNDING still is an issue now days. “Federal and state funding for after- school programs continue to shrink, as do foundation grants and local funds.” Meaning sources where kids can get after school for free and parent can be at work in peace, are getting hard to get, one of the reason why we see after school program are getting expensive and parent can’t afford to pay for it. Asil Ali Ozdogru and Judy Hartley shows and example of how much after school program received between the years of 2002 and 2007 and 2009. “from high-poverty and low-performing schools. Even though funding for 21CCLCs was reduced between 2002 and 2007, the annual funding has remained around $1 billion since 2008. The overall annual funding that can be used for after-school programs, including CCDF, ESEA, and 21CCLCs, reaches over $13 billion. Furthermore, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided $4.35 billion for the Race to the Top grant over the four years for states to implement educational improvement strategies, including after-school programming.” This average is in the united stated, now in the Bronx there is more than 100 after school programs, some of them are expensive and parents can’t afford it.

Elaine Clanton Harpine says one of the major causes of academic failure is aggression, bulling and violence. We see that a lot in school, where kids abuse others kids and sometimes teachers don’t do anything about it. Also after school programs can help to educate the kids and some can help reduce the amount of student drooping school do to this issue. After school programs help student to graduate on time. Harpine also explain that usually after school program only help with the homework and recreational activities.

In conclusion, after school programs are very helpful in a student life in one way or other. Young people like me that came or are coming to this country in which is a different language than our first language after school program are helpful. I am one of those students that by going to after school were able to graduate. After school really help me with my English. After school programs provide organized and supervised activities for children. After school program in the Bronx emerged because of the historical change that can occur in our community.

Elaine Clanton Harpine psychologist
Ozdogru, Asil ali psychologist
Hartley, Judy. sociology

Research proposal: After School Programs

After school programs located in the Bronx during the past 10 years. after school programs are beneficial for educational development. Most of the time after the school bell rings at the end of the day, you don’t know what your kids are doing. After school program keep the child entertained as well as busy. It prevents the children from becoming addicted to Tv, or phones, or even preventing the child to get in trouble. It also help the kids to control theirs behaviors. And if we go deep in the topic  we have more 14 million students leave school every afternoon and have nowhere to go, since they do not have access to affordable, after school opportunities. One of the things that I would like to know during the process of doing the paper is to find out where founding are coming from, and why some of the school don’t offer free after school programs.