Research proposal: After School Programs

After school programs located in the Bronx during the past 10 years. after school programs are beneficial for educational development. Most of the time after the school bell rings at the end of the day, you don’t know what your kids are doing. After school program keep the child entertained as well as busy. It prevents the children from becoming addicted to Tv, or phones, or even preventing the child to get in trouble. It also help the kids to control theirs behaviors. And if we go deep in the topic  we have more 14 million students leave school every afternoon and have nowhere to go, since they do not have access to affordable, after school opportunities. One of the things that I would like to know during the process of doing the paper is to find out where founding are coming from, and why some of the school don’t offer free after school programs.

4 thoughts on “Research proposal: After School Programs

  1. Marleny Garcia de Vargas

    I thinks this is a great topic to research, because most parents have been leaving their kids in after schools program just because do not have time to take care of them because of their job, but do not know how those programs are helping them to prevent several situation.

  2. CHARLOTTE Komguem

    According to the research after school program. I trust that program helps a number of problem. By educate our children, provide healthier food. This calls me to remember my little angel. she begins the program at 2 years. I was joyful of her eligibility because it helps me to keep her a whole day.

  3. Oumdath Gbadamassi

    This is an important topic to research about because after school program has a lot of benefit on students who stay extra hour for help. I definitely can related because during my high school years I used to stay after school to complete my work, attending clubs to assimilate new things, and to develop positive relationship with peers.
    I suggest you include some statics data of school in the Bronx that provide after school program in your essay and don’t forget to cited them.

  4. Fatumata Baro

    This topic is important because after school program benefit for the student and also improve their work, some parents don’t have time for children or control their behavior in class. This remind me of my sister she always stays at school for after school program to complete her works or activities with her peers.

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