Research Proposal.

My proposal is to talk about “organic food”. Some of the advantages of eating organic food is that it does not use herbicides or chemical pesticides.Take care of the environment by not using chemicals, toxic wastes, or air, soil or water pollution with products that can affect biodiversity. Animals do not receive antibiotics or hormone and it is better for human health. While I was doing my research I also realized that organic food has its disadvantages as a shorter shelf life of food due to lack of chemical preservatives.The products are much more expensive than the traditional ones, due to the shortage of supply, due to production times, and due to the lower density of crops or offspring. Many people prefer organic nutrition because they have many benefits, “Taking care of the planet while taking care of your health”. People who do this style of eating is not inhibited from eating things they like, since everything that has been cultivated and processed naturally. This is a good topic to talk about because it can give many people information about how to take care of their health through what they eat and how they can take care of the planet. To carry out this research I plan to read different articles that can help me understand different people’s points of views, advantages and disadvantages of organic food.
To carry out my article I will carry out an investigation on the percentage of people who prefer organic food and I will look for graphics to show it.

2 thoughts on “Research Proposal.

  1. Estheisi Taveras

    I strongly believe that this topic is important because a lot of people should be aware of the advantages of eating ‘organic foods’ and how it will benefit our environment as well. I also believe this topic is absolutely debatable because there is people who have an opposing mindset. Where they might say organic food is bad for you, you don’t get all the vitamins you need or just simple it’s not healthy. So I do believe this would be a great debatable topic to put out there for the audience and readers. I think you should definitely be able to make this paper into five pages because there’s a lot to cover when this topic is being mention. There’s a few topic that should be discussed to leave your audience with the thought that organic food would be great for our bodies, our health and the environment. One thing you should definitely add is organic food where ? Is there a specific state city ,or borough ? This can make a lot of readers feel more confident with the topic and maybe relate a little more.

  2. Jean Carlos Feliz Green

    I believe that this is a very good topic to make your article due to the fact that it is a topic on which we should all think a little bit more. More people should think about what is the real meaning of ‘organic food’, and I think you can clarify it in this article. Also you can talk about the benefits of organic food can offer us, and which places are the most consuming this type of food. I have seen some supermarket in our city that only sell organic food, it can be a good start. I wish all the best in your article and I hope to read it soon.

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