My Research Proposal

I want to know how does the new green deal help to reduce air pollution as to do with affecting our health idea is trying to find out if  this organization can helps the Manhattan population or Bronx pollution reduce health problems . for people that have asthma and for people who have lungs cancer. this is important to know because is that we want to lower health insurance rate make sure that citizens are healthy and also it is very expensive to be  buying medications many citizen cannot afford to keep on buying medications and many aren’t fortunate to buy medications it is a struggle and some people don’t have health insurance. I am going to find my research articles in the Hostos library encyclopedia, I am going to use google to find both of my media articles and I will create a virtue map online free from mapping on

1 thought on “My Research Proposal

  1. Stephanique Wiggan

    I think you should start off by stating your topic. In this case I am guessing your topic is pollution which is a very interesting and debatable topic, if it is I would suggest that you focus on a type of pollution such as air, water, noise or land pollution. You should also focus your research on a city, state or borough which always your research to be way more easier. I like your idea about using the organization to find out if they can reduce the pollution to reduce health problems but it would be great if you include a few details about the organization and how they go about reducing pollution. I would advise you to think about questions like what are the rates of pollution of the past 10 years in a city, state or borough? or how did the organization come about in helping to reduce pollution? or what is the rate of health problems due to pollution?. This will make your mapping easier because you will have a location and will be able to show how pollution affect health problem in that area. I believe this can be a 5 page length essay if you think about what you really trying to find out and how you are going to present that information.

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