A Bronx Map Of New Trendy Restaurants ; Cheap eats, Great Happy Hour.

The bronx is the lively, and often forgotten borough of New York , its the Birth place of hip-hop, home of the Yankees and with a hybridity of many cultures come great new restaurants. If live in the bronx, or just visiting one of our local tourist attraction like the bronx zoo, or the botanical garden this map will be your guide for a quick bite, dinner, or celebrating a special occasions with friends and family.

I will be conducting research in depth to find out how many people or visiting the bronx a year, what are they coming to visit ie: yankee game, family , Bronx Zoo, ECT, and out of that number i will be also researching how many are visiting the bronx restaurants. My goal is to inform these visitors that we are targeting about these hidden restaurants in the bronx that offers good food, and a very affordable price.

We will be highlighting both new and long time existing restaurants , starting from the very north part of the bronx , we will stop by Jake’s Steakhouse , and Cocina Chente for tacos, i will also show you where to get some delicious Vietnamese Ramen. Making or way all the way south to 138th street and feature the new and trendy restaurants like charlies , Mott Haven bar & grill, Ceetay for sushi & Japanese food . The map will feature Asian, middle Eastern, American, Mexican , Spanish , italian , and Jamaican food. I will be adding more as i get more in depth with the research. many of these restaurants i have visited my self, and reviewed on my yelp account .

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  1. Maryleiny Peralta

    This topic perhaps is important because not a lot of people take their time and write about the best community we have on the Bronx and how much it has growth thorough out times. It is also debatable because people can argue about this topic, also ask many questions. In my believe with the right research and appropriate questions and answer it will good for the 5 page length assignment and it will encounter on you if you make it small or big as long as you don’t keep repeating the same thing all over again. Try to remain on the topic but give as much information as you can too. This topic definitely include the location.

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