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The Problem With Plastics

Let’s start with we go outside everyday on our daily life with a bottle of water on our hands, a can of soda with a long plastic straw, a plastic bag with our groceries, or at parties the use of plastic with the decorations and balloons. All of these at one point was a good use for us but the real question is where all these waste go to? We can’t burn plastic because the fumes of the plastics can cause harm to the environment and get people sick. The use of plastic in general is increasing about 300 million tons of plastic waste every year and we don’t realize it is very dangerous for the sea animals, seabirds, and humanity. All these waste of plastic get accumulated into the ocean, the river, or a land creating patches of causing harm to the sea animals on which we eat everyday. The plastic that sea animals consumed mistakenly thinking it’s food passing the toxins from the plastic to the food chain than we end up consuming it as well making us get sick while the animals die from it. Also, some plastics don’t decompose fully which means it leaves behind smaller pieces called “MicroPlastics” meaning that it stays on the water forever. For this reason we should decrease the use of plastics to save many animals and also save our planet.

How can we reduce the amount of plastic that we use everyday?

Is it worth the use of plastic better than saving the animals?

What are other options besides throwing away plastics?