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Fashion In New York City

Around the world we have seen how much fashion has expanded and become important to people. We are aware of the latest brands and the sales that go on in the stores we shop in on a daily. In New York City we see Soho and 42nd street to be two of the places in where the streets and traffic are in chaos starting from the beginning till the end of the day. We see the stores overcrowded and tourist people walking along our streets with shopping bags. The brands that often catch our attention and has us coming in and out of them are Forever 21, American Eagle, Urban Outfitter, Thift shops, and many more. We get excited to see these brands have sales or discounts on holidays or within the week. Fashion has become a way we can express ourselves. We see everyone has a different and unique style from one another. There are people who like the style of vintage, casual, chic, artsy, and sexy. Fashion gives people a sense of freedom and feel beautiful each time they put on an outfit or when they have planned one. Fashion has allowed people to make bring their ideals my making their own clothing line or allowing artist who love to draw and paint bring their ideas onto their clothing. Fashion is not only based on clothing but on footwear, accessories, and makeup. When we are getting dressed, we look at every little detail. Such as if our hair came out just as we planned, does our footwear match with the outfit we picked out, what kind of accessories will we want gold or silver? and makeup will we want a dramatic or natural look. Fashion is based on the trend, unique styles, and a way to express ourselves