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Poor Road infrastructure In New York, Affecting all Citizens .



The topic I will be discussing is poor road conditions in New York city. Roads are maintained by the city, county, and state and each has its own set of maintenance responsibilities when it comes to roads. The interpretation challenges the work of those critics who have long assumes that poor road infrastructure doesn’t affect residents. Recent studies shed a new light on how roads affect the regime of the City. Although there are funds going into fixing roads there is research shows that they are many poor structures still, by increasing funds for the city’s infrastructure it will make commutes easier for residents, traffic can also cause poor road structure. Therefore, this dilemma should be mapped to illustrate the severity of the issue. 

Poor road conditions affect the commute of residents and can be extremely dangerous for drivers. According to “Does poor road conditions increase crashes” (Toshihiro Yokoo) its states” There exist claims that poor pavement quality reduces the ability of roads to drain and reduces the ability of vehicles to resist skidding, and is thus associated with more crashes. In order to improve road safety, several pavement maintenance treatments are carried out, such as “rout and seal cracks” and “hot-mix patching” for improving pavement roughness and distress”. This conveys that by doing proper procedures to fix road pavements will decrease the number of crashes.  York roads tend to be older and they tend to be worn down by heavy traffic and tough winters. Poor road quality causes drivers to spend hundreds to maintenance and other costs related to car damage. Also, when tough winters arrive it makes it difficult to drive because of rocky pavements which causes more accidents in the city during winter.  

Traffic can also cause a problem with the pavement structure. According to New York times article “New York Rates Poorly in Road reports”(2018) it indicates “ The study found that the more heavily trafficked roads in urban areas were typically in worse shape than those in rural areas, with the New York City and Newark metro area ranking sixth worst for pavement conditions in major American cities, with more than half categorized as poor”. This demonstrates, that urban areas are more likely to have rough pavements due to the massive traffic in the city.   

The city is increasing funding for roadways which should make New York roads safer and makes commutes easier. According to the “American council of engineering” (2019) “it states “Additionally, 60% of New York’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition. In addition to commercial losses, crashes and traffic issues related to poor road conditions cost New Yorkers $19.5 billion each year—more than $1,000 per resident—in medical expenses, lost productivity, insurance and legal expenses. Funding and improving infrastructure not only make New Yorkers safer and more productive, but it is the most direct way to improve the economy.”. The author explains that, by increasing funding it will cost residents less expenses in their health and also on their car. By putting more money in the economy, it will lessen the amount of crashes, medical expenses and traffic within the city. Poorly-maintained roads cause most of the fatal auto accidents that happen each year in the United States. Some of the things that can cause accidents from poor roadways is potholes, uneven road surfaces, broken concrete, exposed rebar, sinkholes, and road cracks.  

Inconclusion, road structure in New York are declining, affecting citizens safety, and costing citizens over thousands of dollars in car repairs. By raising more funding for infrastructure in New York there can be better road conditions.  

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New York City Roads .

For my research topic I have chosen New York City roads because they are one of the biggest economic downfalls in NYC. I will research the conditions in bridges, highways ,local streets and potholes. The map will illustrate where the most car accidents take place in the city. This topic interests me because Ive experince how terrible road conditions affect citizens safety. New Yorkers move throughout the city on foot, call an uber or ride New York City transit. There are people who’ve lived in New York City their entire lives without getting a driver’s license or knowledge of the road. Pedestrians are more likely to be killed by a stranger behind the wheel of a car due to rocky roads and road congestion. Most of these accidents occur in multilane thoroughfares and highways. New York has the most congested roads. New York is known for massive traffic which cause delays in commute. Whether it be the potholes in local streets, or uneven roadways on the borough’s highways and service roads, New York have grown far too comfortable to deteriorating economic infrastructure. Drivers have accidentally driven into a pothole or detoured because of highway construction. Much of New York City’s roads and bridges are reaching a point of decay, despite the billions of dollars spent on repair and reconstruction every year. Personally, I believe roads in New York are unsafe, congested, and have poor conditions that causes accidents.