New York City Roads .

For my research topic I have chosen New York City roads because they are one of the biggest economic downfalls in NYC. I will research the conditions in bridges, highways ,local streets and potholes. The map will illustrate where the most car accidents take place in the city. This topic interests me because Ive experince how terrible road conditions affect citizens safety. New Yorkers move throughout the city on foot, call an uber or ride New York City transit. There are people who’ve lived in New York City their entire lives without getting a driver’s license or knowledge of the road. Pedestrians are more likely to be killed by a stranger behind the wheel of a car due to rocky roads and road congestion. Most of these accidents occur in multilane thoroughfares and highways. New York has the most congested roads. New York is known for massive traffic which cause delays in commute. Whether it be the potholes in local streets, or uneven roadways on the borough’s highways and service roads, New York have grown far too comfortable to deteriorating economic infrastructure. Drivers have accidentally driven into a pothole or detoured because of highway construction. Much of New York City’s roads and bridges are reaching a point of decay, despite the billions of dollars spent on repair and reconstruction every year. Personally, I believe roads in New York are unsafe, congested, and have poor conditions that causes accidents.