Research Proposal

In my research essay I would be mapping the transportation in NY, the different types of transportation people use to move through the cities of the NY state. I will be answering to why now a day some people who live in Manhattans, Staten Island, Brooklyn and/or Queens prefer to take the subway, metro, a taxi, bus, walk or drive a bicycle instead of driving a car like most people do in the Bronx. I will be mapping the percentage of driven cars in the cities. In the Bronx for example some people choose to drive their own cars because of all the trouble that can happen in buses or train station. In Manhattans in the other hand you can see all the people walking on the streets, riding a bike or taking the subway. I will make a further research to know exactly what kind of transportation is most likely to use by the people on the different cities. To specify the amount of dollar people consume in gas, MetroCard, E-Zpass, etc. Also the difference in the time spent while traveling in a car, train, or taxi. And the amount of tickets charged to people who does not pay the train or bus ride. I am looking forward to make this essay and inform about the different types of transportation in the cities of NY and the reasons why people have preferences at the time to use one of this transportations either to go to work or different places.

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  1. Maria Colon

    Personally, I think this is a really interesting topic to write about and I’m looking forward to see how you expand on transportation in the Burroughs of NY. As someone who takes the bus and train everday to get to where I have to go, I’m intrigued as to how you will structure your essay and what you’ll essentially include in it. This is a perfect topic to expand and elaborate upon, meeting the 5 page requirement as well. I’m not sure what you can debate about this other than peoples preferences but overall I’d recommend doing your research as you alreadky know and doing your best (:

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