Research Proposal

A research study I would find interesting is the affects of video games on people, specifically the positive side of things. I know that video games, especially fighting games can gather a group of people where they want to fight against each other in this game. This small group attracts more people, gathers interest from the outside and makes clubs dedicated to theses games. From these clubs are people who organize tournaments for those gamers who want to get competitive with the game. Those tournament organizers then start hosting their own tournaments soon start live streaming their game so the world can see, bringing in more attention towards the game and the people who are interested in it start playing the game. Then this transforms from a small group who loved the game into a wide community that’s appreciated by thousands of players across the worlds. Within this community, gamers who meet up with other gamers can share a passion for a single game, and this is how friendships are forged. Soon enough, money starts flowing into the scene because of sponsorships. Now this community has a place on the map, a career they can now pursue, and a place people can go to and experience what its like to see other people who enjoy what you love as well. Some things I want to know are: 1. Are people becoming more outgoing and social because of these places? 2. Are people becoming more hostile in competitive environments? 3. Have these environments changed people’s lives for the better as a whole?  When researching, I want to start my research As soon as its approved (If it will be), Explore all of New York City’s burrows so I can find as many places as possible that’s dedicated to gaming, Try to limit my search to competitive gaming or places that support gaming as a whole where communities are held. I want to research this because it seems very interesting to me to investigate the positive effects of the gaming community, and ill investigate by either using google or visit these locations myself.

2 thoughts on “Research Proposal

  1. Damian Grant

    Good topic and the reason why is that video games brings people together and also makes people happy, and it also shows how much people in a group love video games and what effect does the environment have on the lives of people who play video games.

  2. Elias Tapia

    This topic is highly important because many people have been affected when playing video games including myself. To be more specific on that playing games can change your behavior and can be very addictive at times. As though this topic is debatable there are positive and negative affects while playing video games like you mentioned. The way I see it playing video games is fun and enjoyable but is a time limit for it cause that can transform people differently like the way people act around their surrounding can go bad. I think this can go to a 5 page essay as long as you have valid information about the topic. This topic does include a location which is in New York City. The benefits of playing games and the consequences that goes along with the topic.

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