Research proposal

In my research I will be mapping about where and why people would rather online shop instead of face to face shopping in areas like the suburbs and in the city .This topic interests me because you don’t really see people out shopping with their family and stuff because now there’s this easier way of doing things which will arrive right at your door without you having to travel, which can sometimes be understandable because there are situations in which you may not have a car to go to Home Depot and buy something big which is when online shopping comes in handy.  The countries in which online shopping is most popular are in the United States, United Kingdom,Sweden. When is online shopping done the most it is done the most on Sundays and Mondays mostly at the beginning of the week because its when people start to think about things they will be needing through the week and on weekends people mostly spend their days out doing things.their are pros and cons to online shopping such as not ordering the right size of for example a closet or a bed set or bed sheets because everything on the internet is not always what it may seem like which is why personally I prefer face to face shopping because that way I would get everything the right size and color so that i won’t have to waste time going to the store and exchanging it or mailing it back to the company.


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  1. Byron Madera

    Seeing how online shopping has now become the norm I can see this topic becoming very interesting to research. You should however state your stance on this topic more clearly. Your general question is asking why people shop online instead of meeting face to face with the person and I’m going to assume you are saying in store shopping is better. If that’s the case then this is totally arguable. I’m not sure if this can go up to 5 pages. Even if you list every pro, con, city’s that you research and different scenarios for all different types of shoppers, I’m not sure if you can stretch this out all the way to 5 pages. You could try to include what drives people to by from either online or in store, and what type of marketing the companies do to influence customers to buy their things specifically either on store or online.

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