Green New York

In my research essay I will be talking about the most huge and important green zones in New York city. Where are they located in New York city, who is in charged of those areas, How are they important for the environment, and also the impact that they have in our boroughs. Beyond Manhattan and Central Park, the city offers other large green spaces where nature reigns. there are 12 large areas called JIAs ( Joint of Interest areas) and their exception responds to their uniqueness, they are large areas of land that are of strategic importance for example for transport or urban as is the case with large green areas. It is important to take care of those areas and keep them as they are because our city is very crowded and we losing the nature little by little. Buildings, Infrastructures, and all type of constructions are transforming our city in a city without a green space, where you can go and enjoy the nature. If you look at  manhattan besides Central Park you will no find anything else than buildings, huge buildings that make New York  unique but what about the nature?, the environment we are creating will affect us soon or later.