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Research Proposal

Horace Coleman


Research Proposal

Krystyna Michaels

Me being from and in New York at the time, steers me to zoom in only on this city for this topic of Social improvement. Lately, it has felt like there is a lack of neighborly care and love for one another which leads me to focus on the current times today. Me being a very thoughtful and careful person, I wish to somehow improve this deterring factor of mankind at least a bit if I can. Over time thinking and thinking, I’ve managed to come up with the thought of searching for any organizations, associations, groups, etc to try and at least make this topic known or more apparent. Therefore, I’ve managed to discover a team of psychologists by the name of the Manhattan Psychology Group. I tend to seek improvement of mental stability and social prowess in order to be able to efficiently accentuate the bright side of communications in almost anyone’s eyes. Enabling people the choice of learning more about what and why they act, react, and speak the way they do could help bring notice of how standards of living could become better as a whole. I plan on either coming up with some innovative, fun, and alluring way to make people interested in wanting to learn about themselves and the importance of everyone’s emotions together or to incorporate all of these aspects into catchy music to hopefully grab the attention of others through impressive sounding messages. I strongly feel that communication, understanding, and love could substantially prolong humanity, therefore this topic of the city was chosen.



City Of Women Reflection

The City of Women excerpt imbues me with fascination and curiosity.Unfortunately, not being exposed to such knowledge earlier in life as much as the accomplishments and establishments of men, kept me ignorant on this topic. Learning of such greatness and contribution really opens the eyes to see the true power and equality of our women.  This argument also presents an avenue of learning about which person and their actions originated from. For an example, there are song artists Im interested in that I never knew came from NYC. Finding out that females also play a gargantuan part in why the world has the great aspects it does, definitely humbles me into wanting to learn and listen to them way more Than I ever have before.