Child Poverty

In today’s world, the number of poverty is huge all across the world yet people are doing nothing much about it. Specifically talking about Child poverty in Africa and India.  It  is a global issue where the nations and the leaders of the powerful countries should take an action. However, they have failed and children are still dying from poverty. In my digital research, I  will be doing research on “child poverty in sub saharan Africa.” I will be mappings sub Sahara Africa’s countries by showing whether the rate of children has decreased or increased in the past 10 years. Also, I will find out what people and the nations did and doing about this issue Wether it has positive impact or not? I choose this topic because after seeing numerous homeless people in New York, I notice how much they struggle everyday by not being able to have a home to live and food to eat and it is violation of human right. Considerig this issue, think about the millions of children and families die due to poverty. The fact that the children in africa  are living with poverty and dying made me think how it is ok for innocent kids to die just like that and have not future? These thoughts made to want do research and find a ways to stop these children from dying.

5 thoughts on “Child Poverty

  1. Diana Marfo

    childhood poverty, I found your research to be interesting and it alerts many questions as to what the leader’s and the Governments are going to do in other to help the deaths in childhood poverty. Childhood poverty is a major concern in many countries and throughout the united states as well. Often times when we say childhood poverty people think is only in Africa but u points out that even in the states there’s homeless people and their struggling it is important that u mention that. So overall your research proposal is a scope. My suggestion is that the unites states is huge so be more specific about your open about your location.

  2. Yarisleidy Faña

    The topic of Child Poverty gave me growing interest on the topic because I’ve always wondered why sting leaders and governments all around the world are not willing to do something about the poverty in the world. I believed lives would be better off if everyone helped each other because it is the right thing to do instead of doing it to get something in return. This is a great a great topic to research because there need to be a something done about not only Child poverty but poverty around the world in general, because there are to much homeless people in major cities like New York, Washington, Philadelphia and etc and those cities should be able to make a change

  3. angely

    i think this is a great topic because theres so much information and history under this topic so youll have enough to write a 5 page paper. This is something that i personally havent thought of at all and now that you mnetion it i do feel like people should be taking more actions to avoid this issue. My only concern is that since this is a issue thats been going on for so long, and it has so much history to it you might have trouble picking out whats the right information you should include on your paper you might not be able to put all your information that you research in those 5 pages so thats something very important to think about.

  4. Michael A Cruz

    I believe this topic is extremely important to talk about and debatable at the same time. I love the fact your using outside countries who go through it far more worse then new York kids go through let alone America. I can personally relate to this topic being one of the many unnoticed children growing up poor in new York and yes it was hard. Since this an reoccurring issue that’s been going on for as long as I can recall try to see why is it after all that has been said as to why there are still problems that seems to have been never solved and why is it we cant seem to go any further then what has already been done n what can we possibly do about it .

  5. Marielys Perez

    I believe that this topic is very important and is not getting the attention that it deserves from people and the media. I do not believe that this topic is debatable because people pretty much know that there is a lot of poverty in these countries and there is just no debate about that. I believe that this topic is one that can be very lengthy to speak about but I believe that it can be spoken about in just 5 pages. This topic is speaking about Africa and India, two of the poorest countries in the world. I believe that if she looks online or in magazines she will find useful information.

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