City of Woman

Our class reading was very interesting this week, the author spoke about New York City but in a different aspect in life. She spoke upon how would the city or the world be if most national landmarks, streets, and statues were mainly woman. She provided us with statistics which shown that only 5 statute of monument in the city was a woman in power and the rest of the 100s of status where of man in power. Now what if all these national landmarks, statues, and streets were mirrored with the statistic of woman and man, would the world be different. If the man in power could be in woman shoes and constantly be reminded on how the woman is alpha rather than the man, how about every street they turn too which its name after a powerful man instead it will be a powerful woman. What would the world be like instead of having over 50th presidents of man and its woman she believes the world would be a lot different  Her essay was very interesting especially when she changed the subway map of New York City and every stop was named after a powerful.