Homelessness Effect

My research of what I’m going to map about is how homelessness affect our society. The effect of homelessness on society can be quite costly, not only in terms of tax dollars spent but on the strain it puts on social agencies, Individual and families. Homeless people spend more time in jail or prison than other population. On the other side part of it has a result of violating laws that specifically target homeless people. Homeless has an effect on both the individual and society. Society has to pick up the cost for homeless individual to get very basic service such as treatment for illness, places to sleep in and food to eat. Furthermore The effects on homelessness are huge on their physical and emotional health. Homelessness men and women don’t have the money get the medical care they need so they suffer from colds. Homeless people are more likely to get into drugs and alcohol and getting HIV. Also they don’t get enough vitamins to be healthy or sleep. Another thing is that homeless people are more likely to get raped and get into a physical violence because they don’t have houses to protect them. I would like to learn more about homelessness effect

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  1. Zarata.KoumbemOuedraogo

    Your topic ” homelessness effect ” is interesting because the effects of homelessness on homeless people are large.It is more interesting because homelessness is a big problem in our society. also, this topic talking about homelessness effect is really debatable because we have many questions about people become homeless. Those people want to earn easily so they prefer to get into the trains or subway just to get the daily bread or just to get 1 or 2 dollar to pay for drugs.

  2. Zarata.KoumbemOuedraogo

    The topic ” homelessness effect ” is an interest because homelessness effect is a big problem to our society. It is more interesting because it is hard to imagine how people can go from having a home and one day those person become homeless.then, this topic is really debatable because we have many question s concerning people become homelessness . I can say that those people want to earn easily so they prefer to waist their time into the trains or subway just to get the daily bread or just to get 1 or 2 dollar to pay for drugs. I suggest you to focus that there are social causes of homelessness as many as 3.5 million Americans are homeless each year and more how to reduce this rate of homelessness .

  3. TRAEY

    This topic is great for this assignments because it’s so sincere and concrete. Well, for me, I feel for the unfortunate and wish to help, so this grabs my attention. This should be debatable or at least stressed to the public every now and then to bring awareness to the needy. I can guarantee this topic grants five plus pages of writing due to so many actual instances and situations alone. Make sure to specify your focused location clearer for future reference. Take your time finding impactful support, evidence, and statistic for your claims and this should be an A

  4. Georgia Graham

    Your topic “Homelessness Effect” I absolutely find this very important and interesting because it relates to what we see daily homeless people living on the street, subway station they make their home and even the train carts. Addressing homelessness is very important because something need to be done in order to implement some some solution for changes. However it is therefore important than you be more specific and give a location as to where this is happening or where it is focused on. My question to you is what do believe can be done to help reduce homelessness in society and give a location?

  5. Ariela Zorrilla

    I believe that you really have an strong and interesting topic in which you can develop more than a five pages essay if you want to, homelessness is a very serious topic because it involves people that are in a really bad situation and we can find them everywhere in new York city, as you say they suffer from colds and have more probabilities to start using drugs and get illnesses which is something really sad, the only thing I would add is an specific location but besides that I thing your essay is going to be awesome

  6. Yuliana Gutierrez

    Homeless effect is an interesting topic it might be important to the people that are homeless and are trying to bring change. This topic is debatable because one can argue that homeless people dont matter because they are homeless because they choose to be and some might argue that it isn’t their fault.This topic is scope appropriate for the five page assignment because you can touch on people’s o[pinons on the matter and on stories that happen on our everyday life. I suggest you focus on a specific area like the Bronx or Manhattan .

    1. Christopher Salgado

      This is a very interesting topic homelessness effect i feel that this can be prevented in soceity today but some people stray away from sucess trying to make a living. Certainly people has chocies but whithin all some people dont have a choice to be homesless but like i always say when you hit rock bottom the only way is up. Their will be some great debates off this topic regarding how some folks became homeless or why. i want you to be more specific about the homelessness within the city like choose a boroiugh you can go in depth in. This will help you make a paper of five pages. some sugesstions i wouols say try to see some sucuess stories of homeless people changing they lives around and become sucessful.

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