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The topic I have chosen for my research proposal is abortion rates in different regions and whether or not the history and restrictions surrounding abortion laws for that region can affect the abortion rate. I will research the different abortion rates in different regions as well as the abortion laws in that region to explain how one can affect the other. Some regions I would like to research specifically are Russia, Cuba, China and the United States. The reason I would like to discuss those specific regions are because Russia has one of the highest rates of abortion, like Cuba, and both have laws legalizing abortion. The US also has a law legalizing abortion, but the abortion rates are way lower. Although, China has a lower abortion rate than most regions I would like to discuss how the harsh restrictions surrounding the legalization of abortions have an impact on its rate. I chose to discuss abortion rates because I feel as though it is a topic that was once so relevant, but now so under looked around the world. I would also like to show the difference in abortion rates between regions where abortion is legal vs regions where it isn’t legal. I will map out regions where abortion is legal and illegal to show the difference in abortion rates and refer back to the difference in the abortion laws to explain that difference. My main purpose of choosing this topic is to inform and educate people on the different laws pertaining abortion in different parts of the world as well as provide examples of how women from within these regions have and are being affected due to the abortion laws they are forced to abide by.

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  1. Amy Rivera

    In my opinion, this topic is relevant still today, just not talked about by most people. This topic will appeal to everyone but certain people will just not care about this topic. This topic is very debatable. Abortion rights has so many sides and reasons to it. This topic can be a five page essay. However, for this topic you will have to do a lot of research about it. Like when did people start fighting for abortion rights, who started it, or how did this bring up the rates of abortion. In you proposal I noticed you have multiple locations to relate to your topic. You will have to pick one location for this research essay, this place can’t be a country or continent.

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