Research Proposal

Estheisi Taveras
Professor Michael
Eng 110

                          Poverty In NYC

The topic I will be researching for my English project is “Poverty”. A large amount of people do not know how it is to have a poor lifestyle. How it affects their kids and their personal life as they grow. I want to research poverty in Manhattan, looking at the last 10 years. I want to concentrate how how do they live their life specially having kids, how do they push forward. I want to know how their mindset, and how they became this way, if they were not poor before. I want to research this because a lot of people don’t appreciate what they have and are always looking at someone else’s accomplishment and feel guilty because theirs were not as high. But there is always another side, another side we do not feel like observing, a side that needs to be exposed. For many to feel grateful. I’ll be looking at how poverty has changed many lives, and mostly focusing on the ones that have children and are trying to escape this poor lifestyle. I want to keep researching, how does it affect their kids life? And what type of organization are helping to fight this battle. According to “Is It Possible To Live In Manhattan And Be In Poverty ?” It illustrates how poor people are also in the big apple of New York City something a lot of people would not believe because of what the city is known for or even because people or tourists do not take the time to really analyze NEw York City and its most unexpected things. New York City has a population of 1.6 million people and 17 percent is poverty. Seventeen percent are struggling to survive to have a normal like for themselves and their kids.