Research Proposal

My research proposal will be about art and public opinion of it. The map will be of all the physical locations of different art museums between the Bronx and Manhattan. They will be categorized due to rating and/or popularity. The point of this is to show that there is more to appreciate art than just physical paintings. This is to transition that there are artists online who would do just as good if not better pieces than in museums (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder after all). Some people may dismiss art as just being physical painted pieces on display on museums and leave it at that. Even if it’s part of it, it isn’t all of it. Some schools don’t even offer art classes for one reason or another and it’s a bit saddening. As someone who’s super passionate about art, I am personally curious about how the results will come out to be. This is also to gauge how older people view museum art versus digital art/art from the internet and how younger people view museum art versus digital art/art from the internet. This will account for different age groups and different styles of art to cover different bases and to see how diverse the results will be.