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*Impact of public school meals on teenage at a middle school in the Bronx.

The impact of public school meal has a positive and negative effect on the kids which could become a problem in the society. The positive aspect can be the fact that they provide food for the kids at school which helps improve their learning and also helps them focus more on their studies and not have to worry about food while they are in school. While the negative effects is that it affects the development of their brain, their behavior and their learning because the schools meals is inorganic and lack of substance such as fiber, minerals, calcium and carbohydrates. Also, it leads to obesity because many kids in the US but specifically in the Bronx tend to have a high rate of obesity due to unhealthy food the Food and Nutrition Services provides to the schools. Additionally, school meals contain a high calories of cholesterol, sodium and fats. When kids intake that into their body, it affects their ability of understanding and their eating habits. In “1977,school lunch lead to obesity” (food timeline. org). Children uneaten their lunch due to the harm it causes and therefore over millions dollar is waste. In order to eradicate kids from getting sick or catch disease, every public school should initiated a center education to empower youth on the importance of how to read nutrition labels and identify healthy foods. On the other hand, governments should play a major role by putting more regulation on the food their provide kids. This topic is to raise awareness on the negative long term of obesity because the youth are the next generation of Americans but through what is happened youth may be the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. To avoid this from happening  we should not let this be our legacy.

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  1. Jeremiah Sontag

    Are you gonna research just the Bronx or a Specific part of the Bronx? Maybe try researching different parts of the Bronx and see where the obesity rate of school lunches is higher. But overall good topic to research

  2. jenifer0516

    this is a good topic to talk about since the school meal is not that good as it should be. it will be good if you talk about how school lunch is also affecting our kids in turns of obesity. and how some parents waste for money preparing their kids lunch bag instead of the kid having lunch at school.

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