Research reposal

The topic for me digital essay will be the fall of arcades in New York City. I chose this topic because it’s one that interests me because my major is game design and that is where my focus is. I have always wondered how fun it is to be a gamer and go to a local arcade with friends. I have never been to a traditional arcade in my life so far because most of them have been replaced with different outlets, but I have been exposed to how fun they were to be a gamer and go to a local arcade with friends on television and video games. In the years 1978 and 1983 every gamer was going to these places because it was the only way for gamers to play their games, but as time kept moving forward arcades became a relic of the past. In the present day the arcade has been removed from the spotlight now that most people have access to home video game consoles and being able to talk and play games with others from the comfort of their homes with the use of gaming headsets and the internet, so there is no reason to go outside and mingle with other gamers . I grew up around the time home console were the way to play your games and never got to an arcade as a child, So I want to create a map of New York City showing the arcade locations from the dates 1978 to 1983.