Research Proposal

My research will be about the trash that is seen all over the sidewalks, streets, and everywhere we see trash at and what are the effects of leaving trash everywhere on the planet.I noticed wherever I go I see trash on the sidewalks and on the streets around my home and around the high school I graduated from and I even seen people dropping their trash on the floor making Sanitation workers do more work than they have to.Trash also goes through landfills and recycling plants but that is only a small amount because most of our trash is all around us and is hurting the environment and us humans and animals that live in this type of environment.Some of our trash actually ends up in the ocean affecting wildlife and causing large amounts of the marine life to decrease.Plastic around the marine environment gain more dangerous polutants like PCB’s,DDT,and PAH which in turn affects animals and humans negatively. Other chemicals that can be found are Bisphenol A, Phthalates, Vinyl Chloride, Dioxin, and Styrene and they are harmful chemicals.Even oil refineries cause polution that are carried through the air which reaches from the warm south to the cool arctic which the chemicals drop and affect marine life.The questions I have are what other effects of trash being left everywhere are? Where is trash mostly seen at? Who is trying to clean up the trash left around? When will the effects of trash pollution take place? Why do people leave trash around? How much trash gets into recycling plants and landfills? In my map will be areas where trash is mostly seen and where recycling plants and landfills are located.

3 thoughts on “Research Proposal

  1. adelina

    I agree with you, Damian Grant. People in NYC should be more aware about the trash that they accumulate in their own places and in the street. There are people who do not understand how they affect the environment with their garbage. Today there are still people who do not know how to recycle trash properly or how to keep the streets clean and its benefits. In NYC we need more campaigns on how to educate people of how to recycle and keep the streets clean.

  2. Michelle Reyes

    I agree, trash has become something we should action on due to hurting the planet and the animals. This should be one of our main concerns. This is a great topic that you have decided to work. Here are some points you would wanna ask yourself and try to work on while working on this project. When it comes it comes to trash I don’t think no one will be against this because every one is aware of how filthy the streets we walk through can be. Try to find a prompt within this topic that be debatable. When it come to trash we see it everywhere correct but pick a location and you would wanna pick a location in where you see the streets filthy and never cleaned. Overall this topic is great but keep in mind these points when you will map it out and write about.

  3. Elias Tapia

    I find this topic very important because having trash everything is causing destruction to our environment and us as humans. People got to understand to keep the society clean but instead they go there separate ways and start polluting the the streets like they don’t care. All the things you mentioned are risks of having global warming in the earth and the affects it can have on humans, animals, and the planet. Well you have valid points on street garbage but I don’t see any debate on it to discuss. Be more precise on the location what place has the most garbage and how to keep streets clean at all times.

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