Tourist attractions

The topic under consideration is tourism. This topic is very interesting because there are many subtopics such as hospitality, food, and country, but my main focus will be on tourist attraction. Throughout this research I expect to find out a lot about tourist attractions in New York because I have not seen or visited some of these tourist attractions and doing this topic will give me a chance to explore and expand my knowledge on all tourist attractions. Typically most tourist attractions are considered for business, pleasure, accommodating or entertaining, so I would like to know the history of each tourist attractions and why is that place considered for tourist attraction. People believe that attractions are for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value but I believe tourist attractions have historical significance, natural or built beauty, sometimes offering leisure and amusement. I will be researching New York City because United State is one of the countries with the highest rate for tourism and has a lot of tourist attractions. Personally I want to find out why New York has the highest rate for tourist attractions in the United States and what effect does the city has on tourists. I want to find out why some attractions are on a tour guide and others are not but are considered to be tourist attractions. My map will show where tourist attractions are located,including the ones that are not presented on a tour guide and which city in New York has the highest rate for tourist attractions for the past 5 years. 

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  1. Ashley Achan

    I believe this topic is important because tourist attractions spark an instant feeling of either love or hate. People native to New York City may hate tourist attractions, but those visiting from afar love them. I feel by mapping out tourist attractions we can learn about what brings people to our city. I also think observing where tourist attractions are placed can say a lot about neighborhoods we deem valuable and what sparks interest. This topic is debatable because opinions may vary on the popularity and importance of certain attractions, as well as whether or not these attractions have important background/important significance in our culture. This topic can be narrowed down to just a few attractions or even by genre, for example: historic attractions, entertainment attractions, educational attractions, and much more. The location of these attractions may vary, but the topic itself can be mapped out based on various locations. The advance that I have for continuing on is to narrow down a specific borough and a specific type of attraction (probably the most visited ones) so that you will not become overwhelmed by our city’s many great attractions.

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