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10 December 2019

We are the places to see: tourist Attractions

The topics under consideration is tourist attraction. Tourist attractions are place of interest where tourists visit. Have you ever thought about why people travel? Well, People travel to explore and experience adventure, but when someone visits New York, they do not explore and experience adventure. Instead, they explore the city of Manhattan and not all that New York has to offer. New York is a big city with five boroughs (Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island) but they are overlook except Manhattan because this city is often consider the apple of tourist’s eye while the other boroughs are diamond in the rough. Although Manhattan has varied tourist attractions, some of the most interesting sights are located in the outer boroughs, the tourism sector needs to expand and promote other tourist spot beyond Manhattan. Promoting and expanding these other attractions will create a better sense and experience for incoming visitors who wants to have an adventurous experience within the City.

New York is a wonderful City where millions of people visit every year because it has many tourist spots. Everyone has a home in New York, whether it is for a lifetime or just a few days, the city is so large and multifaceted that it can satisfy every interest and experience a tourist or local need. Many places would interest a tourist in New York.

This video shows attractions a tourist would not want to miss when visiting New York, “10 Top Tourist Attractions in New York City”.  Besides being a great place to experience a little nature, the city has many attractions within its borders, most of them are free making them the fewest cheap things to do in New York, however, tourist hardly seek to see all these spots that are for their pleasure and fun. Some of the most popular places to visit include the Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, the Central Park Zoo, and plenty of the visitors do not see the Lake and majority of these tour spots.

Manhattan is consider the tourist trap and there are more interesting attraction sights beyond Manhattan. Tourist often overlooks these attractions when they visit because their focus of attention is on Manhattan. According to the article “Times Square Named New York’s Top Tourist Attraction”, revealed that visiting Times Square was preferred tourist activity for more than one- third (35%) of internal student with “The Crossroads of the World” proving more popular than many other famous New York’s destinations. Times Square is located within Manhattan and because tourist always want to see the Famous Times Square, they often forget about the other beautiful sights within New York where they can create new memories and experience. Other sight are important and interesting just as the one is in Manhattan and deserves a chance to be see and explored the same. In the article, Robert John Burck, said, “Times Square is so amazing that I have dedicated my life being there. I’ve spent so much time enjoying the tourist attractions Times Square that I have somehow become a tourist myself”. Even locals consider Manhattan as one of the only mean of tourist attractions in New York, which is leaving the other attractions in the outer borough unattended.

There are many tour spots beyond Manhattan that tourist can explore if the tourism sector promote these spots. Look at the Bronx as an example, the Bronx has wonderful highlights. In the book “The Bronx” states that “The Bronx! Of fifty millions of visitors coming to New York City every year, only a small fraction explores the areas outside the borough of Manhattan. By neglecting fully to experience all aspects of this throbbing and vital city, tourist overlook many sites that make the metropolis unique and they fail to witness the daily life of the majority of its eight million residents” (Ultan Llyod and Olson Shelly, 1). Tourists are missing the grandeur and aesthesis of sites that locates in areas outside Manhattan but if the tourism sector were to promote these spots, then tourist would see the importance and relevance of visiting these sites. Visitors would not only want to stay within the borough but instead they will want to be more adventurous and see places such as:

  1.  Botanical Garden- taking a stroll by the beautiful Bronx river where the refreshing waterfalls, just step from the restored Stone Mils.
  2. The Bronx Zoo– animals ranging from all different species, feeling the extraordinary power and wonderful life around the globe.

Imagine if tourist actually had to chance to see other places and not limit their adventure to only one borough. Do you think Manhattan will be the focus for incoming visitors? According to the article, “The best things to do in New York City beyond Manhattan” (Marcus Lilit) listed and elaborated on places that would be great for tourist when staying in the city. Some of these places are:

  1. Dumplings and dance parties located in Queens
  2. Exploring the archipelago
  3. Brooklyn bridge
  4. Verranzo Bridge- which connects Brooklyn and Staten Island as well as Ellis island on the way
  5. Statue of Liberty

All these places are wonderful tour spots for a tourist, however tourists can only experience these sights if they were more see by others and they can relate and talk about these places with enthusiasm and evidence that they had a jovial time.

The tourism industry will not feel the need to promote and expand attractions because they are profitable. They will refuse to expand and promote the sector outside of Manhattan. In reality the industry do not see the effect that attractions has on visitors, they do not value or care about tourist feelings so that visitors can have the opportunity to visit multiple locations instead of just been stuck to one place. The joy and excitement they experience, additionally they had a chance to explore and have a well-spent time in their destination. The tourism industry need to see the pleasure it would have on a tourist. After moving to New York last year, I did not have a chance to tour anywhere other than Manhattan because every time I ask someone what is there to do in New York, the response is the same. They say “You have to see Times Square or go to Manhattan you will find a lot of things to do or places to see” but now I know that there is more to New York than visiting Manhattan. My map will have locations of places outside of Manhattan that if a tourist was supposed to look at it, they will not be limited to just a specific area but they will have a wide variety of places to choose from. A map showing directions away from Manhattan to direct their attention to other attractions that are worthy of seeing and worthy of their time.

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Study Guide (TSIS)

Chapter 4- Three ways to respond ( YES, NO , OKAY BUT)

Don’t let your reader get confuse! There are three main ways to respond- always explain whether you agree, disagree or both.

Example- John claims that United States of America need a change in leadership because the leader has poor leadership skills.

Agreeing- i agree that United States need a change in leadership, a point that needs emphasizing since so many people still believe that he is a great leader.

Disagree- I disagree with John’s view because United States of America has a great leader who cares for his country.

Agree and Disagree simultaneously- Thought i concede that United States need a change in leadership, i still insist that he is a great leader with good intention.

Templates for agreeing- X is surely right about ____________ because, as she may not be aware, recent studies have shown that ________________.

Templates for disagreeing- I disagree with X’s view that ____________ because, as recent research has shown ________________________.

Templates for agreeing and disagreeing simultaneously-  X is right that _________________, but she seems on more dubious ground when she claims that _________________.


Tourist attractions

The topic under consideration is tourism. This topic is very interesting because there are many subtopics such as hospitality, food, and country, but my main focus will be on tourist attraction. Throughout this research I expect to find out a lot about tourist attractions in New York because I have not seen or visited some of these tourist attractions and doing this topic will give me a chance to explore and expand my knowledge on all tourist attractions. Typically most tourist attractions are considered for business, pleasure, accommodating or entertaining, so I would like to know the history of each tourist attractions and why is that place considered for tourist attraction. People believe that attractions are for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value but I believe tourist attractions have historical significance, natural or built beauty, sometimes offering leisure and amusement. I will be researching New York City because United State is one of the countries with the highest rate for tourism and has a lot of tourist attractions. Personally I want to find out why New York has the highest rate for tourist attractions in the United States and what effect does the city has on tourists. I want to find out why some attractions are on a tour guide and others are not but are considered to be tourist attractions. My map will show where tourist attractions are located,including the ones that are not presented on a tour guide and which city in New York has the highest rate for tourist attractions for the past 5 years.