Study Guide (TSIS)

Chapter 4- Three ways to respond ( YES, NO , OKAY BUT)

Don’t let your reader get confuse! There are three main ways to respond- always explain whether you agree, disagree or both.

Example- John claims that United States of America need a change in leadership because the leader has poor leadership skills.

Agreeing- i agree that United States need a change in leadership, a point that needs emphasizing since so many people still believe that he is a great leader.

Disagree- I disagree with John’s view because United States of America has a great leader who cares for his country.

Agree and Disagree simultaneously- Thought i concede that United States need a change in leadership, i still insist that he is a great leader with good intention.

Templates for agreeing- X is surely right about ____________ because, as she may not be aware, recent studies have shown that ________________.

Templates for disagreeing- I disagree with X’s view that ____________ because, as recent research has shown ________________________.

Templates for agreeing and disagreeing simultaneously-  X is right that _________________, but she seems on more dubious ground when she claims that _________________.