Topic Adolescence:


According to what I know of adolescence is the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood. These changes occur in both mental and physical appearance and need to develop new social relationships and an increasing sense of responsibility and independence. That is to say, in the social development of adolescence many changes begin to happen, which includes, finding your identity and new relationships also teens take distances from their parents and begin to get closer to interact with kids of their age.


Based on my research I want to learn so many things which include the main social task of adolescents? I also want to know compare the role of parent to the role of peers during adolescent identity formation? And role of confusion? Again i want to find out the categories of identity formation? In or between what age does adolescent take place? How does teens form their identities? Do most teenagers eventually figure out a stable identity for themselves, or do most teenagers stay in crisis for a long time? Last but not the least why are peer groups important to identity formation?


What kind:  my research will base on observational methods and survey method to observe the role of parent vs role of peers identity formation?

How: by observing teenagers behavior towards their parents and peers. Also to give out surveys for both teens and parents so to get feedback from both groups.

Where: it will be based more specific in schools where teenagers gather the most and for the parents at workplace where they spend most of their time.

Which part: in the Bronx as a whole to the neighborhood

When: from now to the end of the semester, which will be end of October till mid December.

Why: because I want to learn more about teenagers and improve my knowledge in it and so on.

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  1. Ashley Achan

    I believe this topic is very interesting and very important. I like how it is different than most topics that I have seen and that it can hit home with many of us who are young adults ourselves. I am sure debates can be made on this topic, depending on what you might find. I think people may have varying opinions on what shapes a young mind and what we carry into adulthood. However, I do not believe that this topic has been narrowed down enough. The human mind is a very large topic, and there are millions of teens in New York City. I also don’t believe this topic has much of a location aspect, therefore I do not believe it can be mapped out. I really really do find thing topic so interesting and have a few points of advice that may help you fix these errors. I think you should narrow it down to maybe one subtopic of adolescence, if you choose to continue with the “social tasks” aspect of your proposal then maybe you can map out where most teenagers spend their time and then add points on how these places may shape their minds/futures. I hope my points have been helpful, I am actually really looking forward to seeing your final post!

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