Missing(abducted) women in NYC

My research proposal is on missing women, abducted or kidnapped. I would like to know if, how dangerous a neighborhood is, higher crime rate has anything to do with women going missing.Does the fact that a neighborhood have less police presence or video camera around businesses let kidnappers get away with committing a crime. Does race make one more likely to be abducted. Height and also weight has a huge impact on how an assailant chooses his victim.   I would like to narrow my research down to NYC or preferably The Bronx. The time frame within the last five years. Why are some women more vulnerable to being abducted than others. How are these women being kidnapped, are they all being dragged into a car,or taken from their home. Last year more than 13,000 people were reported missing in NYC, Of these 13,000, how many were women, how many were found alive or how many were found dead. Is there any suspects and are the suspects familiar with the missing person or a stranger. Majority of these people are found within hours. Who is involved in the search and or rescue. How much money is spent in the manpower for the search team. Statistically speaking, is there an age range that makes certain type of women more vulnerable to being kidnapped. Has the rate of this specific crime gone up or down within the last five years and also does climate have a role, for example during the winter months in NYC, the weather outside drops significantly, making more people stay indoors, therefore less people in the streets to witness any crime being committed.

Silvia D

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  1. Christina Ayala

    I like how your topic is a very serious, well known and important issue. This is very important and I like how you lay out all yours questions concerning of the serious issue. In my opinion I feel like this topic can be debatable in some ways. I just feel like you can explain more on how is can be debatable so people can see were you are coming from when it comes to a serious topic like this. I do feel like on the other hand that your topic’s scope is appropriate for the 5 page length, it may be a little too lengthy but with good pints you can make it 5 exactly. I like how you narrowed down your search to NYC specifically the Bronx. In my opinion I feel like you had all these good questions but didn’t add what you already knew. If you would have just added some inner knowledge on the topic then it would show your interest more or like you have a sense of direction. Over all this is a very interesting and good topic and I like how u came up with good deep questions. A website I would refer to you would be New York Post or like look up percent reports on abduction.

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