MTA Struggles

My research paper is on the complications as a new Yorker taking the MTA transportation. As a NYC straphanger I can say that the transportation services that the MTA provides is lacking. The schedule in comparison to maintenance services makes getting around difficult. The fare increase without providing better services is ridiculous , the unsanitary conditions is disgusting, last min delays and route changes are un responsible. So with all these issues the main concern is when are they going to resolve these problems ? When will the issues of the people be heard ? What are the changes that are actually gonna be made ? How would these issues be solved ? Out of all these issues where will they begin to solve them ? Who will notice the peoples issues and bring them to light in wanting to make a change? Why were these problems ignored for so long ? These are the necessary questions that the people of new York want to know. As it affects there lives daily . People of all ages from an old age to a very young age that it affects . Especially the disabled people so cant take the stairs or stand for very long . People who just want to go to work or get to school even parents who want to pick up their kids needs a way to get there . Everyone relies on the MTA probably thousands of people and for them to be ignored is a huge issue to society . Weather wise is huge as well to me the MTA needs to step up .


Christina Ayala